Christmas: Jesus, Gifts, and Stress

So Christmas is about three things for me. (Cunning readers may guess what they are based on the title.) This is the beginning of a three-part blog series on Christmas (aka holiday therapy for yours truly). Fairly obviously for a Christian, Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus aka the God I follow. Yes, I’m awareContinue reading “Christmas: Jesus, Gifts, and Stress”

The familarrr

Edit: For those of you who keep telling me you wish you could make it to one of my Interactive Fiction workshops (I generally run one at Conflux every October long weekend), here’s a video course I made on udemy: Introduction to Interactive Fiction. It’s $20.   This was, of course, taken at the PirateContinue reading “The familarrr”

My new belly button

It’s been about ten weeks since my stomach operation, and although I’m not fully healed I was just given the go-ahead to swim (my favourite and most effective exercise) yesterday so I’m pretty much in the clear. Some thoughts: It really really hurt a lot. There were times when I wasn’t sure it was worthContinue reading “My new belly button”

Christmas Letter

Each year I make a calendar (using Vistaprint) for the following year, in which the photos roughly correlate with the same months of the previous year. I sure hope that sentence makes sense. For example, this was taken in March, during which Canberra hosts a massive international hot air balloon festival every year.   So,Continue reading “Christmas Letter”

Gift Guide for Ages 3-6ish

I loooove buying presents for my kids. As in, I’ll cheerfully buy presents in June (like budget experts tell you to), and then continue buying presents for the entire rest of the year (which budget experts do not recommend). Having said that, we don’t do stocking presents in our house, and likely never will. IContinue reading “Gift Guide for Ages 3-6ish”

Like Mother, Like Daughter

One of the gifts my parents gave me was the belief that writing is not a job, but a hobby. I didn’t write full-time until I was unable to do any other work (and I’m still not making minimum wage, even though I’m well above the average Australian full-time writer’s income of $12,000/year) I amContinue reading “Like Mother, Like Daughter”

Books, Food, and the Dangers of Combining the Two

I’ve hurt my back (again) so for the last two days I haven’t been able to do much. I wasn’t even sure I was okay to drive, so yesterday my partner Chris worked from home, and today my father-in-law brought the kids home after school. Today was a whole lot better than yesterday, pain-wise, andContinue reading “Books, Food, and the Dangers of Combining the Two”

Storytelling by Mr 2

TJ is almost 3; older now than Louisette was when he was born. A couple of days ago he said, “I tell stories to you.” “Oh good,” I said. “I’m listening.” “This story called: Little-Big!” he said. “I biiiiiiiiiig dinosaur, and Mummy little dinosaur.” “Oh!” I said. “I like this story. What happens next?” “IContinue reading “Storytelling by Mr 2”

BFFs torn asunder

I had a minor medical procedure today which I had to fast for (what, including chocolate??? Noooooooo!) and it was also Louisette’s last day of holidays before Kindy, which included a special appointment to meet her teacher and look at her new classroom (all very lovely). I really like the school, the teacher, etc etc andContinue reading “BFFs torn asunder”

The artist formerly known as Miss Four

Last Sunday, Louisette turned five. She’s about to start Kindy. Today was her party. Five years. She’s grown all the way from a giddying hypothetical notion to a wrinkly spew machine to a distinct person: smart, focused, creative, affectionate, gentle, passionate, and gorgeous. I took a photo a day for the first year of eachContinue reading “The artist formerly known as Miss Four”

Parental Fears and Failings and Fab bits

I like to think about what I’m doing as a parent, and of course talk about it, because that helps me to understand what matters to me and what I can just let slide. Some things I know I’m doing really well – Louisette’s diet is amazingly healthy a lot of the time (I can literallyContinue reading “Parental Fears and Failings and Fab bits”

The Four Scariest Picture Books

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are freaking scary. #4 “My Animals” by Xavier Denaux Looks nice, doesn’t it? The entire book is pictures of animals, done mainly in black and white (with a feature colour here or there) and clever little holes through the pages where the eye of oneContinue reading “The Four Scariest Picture Books”