TrailerFest 2018

Today I decided that my 2-3 (I honestly don’t know) YouTube accounts needed tidying up, so I started a fresh new channel (because that simplifies things, right?) using the email account. As you may have guessed, I love doing my own book trailers. It’s so much fun! The channel is here (don’t click on that;Continue reading “TrailerFest 2018”

The familarrr

Edit: For those of you who keep telling me you wish you could make it to one of my Interactive Fiction workshops (I generally run one at Conflux every October long weekend), here’s a video course I made on udemy: Introduction to Interactive Fiction. It’s $20.   This was, of course, taken at the PirateContinue reading “The familarrr”

Monster Apprentice Easter Eggs

I was eighteen years old, sitting on a folding chair on a polished concrete floor in an Indonesian classroom. It was hot, and I was daydreaming, and I had an idea. What if I invented a world complicated enough and rich enough that I could write all kinds of books in it? What if thatContinue reading “Monster Apprentice Easter Eggs”

A little piracy

Last weekend I ran a stall at CanCon for three days. It’s Canberra’s biggest board game gathering, and this was the 40th year.   I wore corsets! It was so exciting! And there was a T-Rex. I’ve already booked the exact same stall location for January 2019. I also wore my pretty pretty princess outfit:Continue reading “A little piracy”


Yes, books have trailers now. Yes—as is utterly obvious even on first viewing—I make my own trailers. It would actually be cheaper for me to hire someone else to do it. You can get a professional-looking trailer for around $5 if you know where to look. This trailer cost considerably more than that (I paidContinue reading “THE MONSTER APPRENTICE Book Trailer”

Rahana Books (Heest Trilogy)

You can buy all three books through this site (scroll down and click on ‘Store’), and in all the usual places (both online and in stores). The first book is THE MONSTER APPRENTICE; the second book is THE PRINCESS AND THE PIRATE; and the third book is WAKING DEAD MOUNTAIN. THE MONSTER APPRENTICE: The heest areContinue reading “Rahana Books (Heest Trilogy)”

My 2017: No wonder I need a lie down

What an epic year. I spent over 15 years of my life writing novels that nobody would touch, and now that it’s started to rain it’s pouring (which is a wonderful thing). I spent vast amounts of time on the Tin Man Games “Choices That Matter” app (Google Play and iOS). It’s a story hub forContinue reading “My 2017: No wonder I need a lie down”

Pirate Ball

It’s official. I can wear corsets again. And with three book launches this year, it’s not a moment too soon. Do you live in Australia? Do you live reasonably close to Canberra? Do you love the Narnia books? Do you love pirates? Do you love live music? Do you love dancing (and/or watching others dance)?Continue reading “Pirate Ball”

Like Mother, Like Daughter

One of the gifts my parents gave me was the belief that writing is not a job, but a hobby. I didn’t write full-time until I was unable to do any other work (and I’m still not making minimum wage, even though I’m well above the average Australian full-time writer’s income of $12,000/year) I amContinue reading “Like Mother, Like Daughter”

Shiver Me Timbers!

I said I had big news. This is it. My middle grade (age 9-14ish) trilogy, all about fantastical pirates and monsters, has just been officially accepted for publication by Odyssey Books. The first book is called THE MONSTER APPRENTICE, and will be launched in February 2018 (in time for Goulburn ComiCon). It’s set in aContinue reading “Shiver Me Timbers!”

List of all my Interactive Fiction

I make most of my writing income from interactive fiction. (As soon as I say “writing income” out loud, my fellow authors want to know more.) Most people who find me via my blog know me as a novelist, so I’ll pitch this entry as if you’re hearing about modern IF (interactive fiction) for theContinue reading “List of all my Interactive Fiction”

Playing Fast and Loose with History

It’s possible you’ve heard that after ten glorious months, “And Their Souls Were Eaten” is just about to have its final release posted. It’s an interactive serial story that ran for ten months with (roughly) weekly updates. The total word count is around 370,000 (you get about a quarter of that per read-through) so I’mContinue reading “Playing Fast and Loose with History”


The long weeks at sea have dragged by as the scuttlebutt is whispered from captain to cabin boy… there’s going to be a post-comp release of SCARLET SAILS… it’s twice as long… there are new chapters… there are even more chances to stab, shoot, or magically murder people that annoy you… It turns out that (justContinue reading “ARR ME HEARTIES!!!”

Pirates Tag

You’re it! Arr! In celebration of the post-comp SCARLET SAILS being juuuuuuuussssssst about released into the world, I’ll be adding a “pirates” category to this blog. I am SO SORRY there wasn’t one already. Very irresponsible of me. The post-comp SCARLET SAILS app is twice as long as the (finished, and rather well-received) original, and it branchesContinue reading “Pirates Tag”