Murder for Fun and Profit

The Kickstarter for “Murder in the Mail: A Bloody Birthday” was fully funded, and the story was officially launched (as part of an art exhibition) in August 2018. It is no longer available in subscription form (mailed to you over 8 weeks) but there are some packs left that you can purchase through the store,Continue reading “Murder for Fun and Profit”

Murder in the Mail

I wrote a guest post here about how I fell in love with steampunk. And it’s part of a series by a bunch of steampunky types. I’m working on a new story called “Murder in the Mail: A Bloody Birthday” which will be released by Publisher Obscura, Odyssey’s imprint for “beautiful and unusual novelty andContinue reading “Murder in the Mail”

List of all my Interactive Fiction

I make most of my writing income from interactive fiction. (As soon as I say “writing income” out loud, my fellow authors want to know more.) Most people who find me via my blog know me as a novelist, so I’ll pitch this entry as if you’re hearing about modern IF (interactive fiction) for theContinue reading “List of all my Interactive Fiction”

Steampunk Stories

I have amused myself for some years by writing a number of stories and novels in a wide range of utterly different formats. Presumably this is due to an unconscious desire to confuse and frustrate the largest possible number of my own readers. Now that the book trilogy is finished I have put together a fullContinue reading “Steampunk Stories”

Killer Idea (PG story)

Detective-Sargeant Hobson shrugged off a trailing end of crime tape and straightened up to his full height. The flat was only slightly larger than a shoebox, and had slightly less inside. Grey carpet, grey walls, no curtains. He dismissed robbery and diagnosed poverty instead. There was a mattress against one wall, covered in crumbs. AgainstContinue reading “Killer Idea (PG story)”

How much do YOU love the internet?

Ubergeeks John Scalzi and Wil Weaton have done something wonderful. This: Other than writing stuff themselves, they had various other (in)famous people contribute, plus they ran a competition (based on the picture). Which I didn’t win. The book itself is, technically, free. You can go read it at But since the whole point ofContinue reading “How much do YOU love the internet?”

#75: Leave lights/heater on

My “study” is located in the corner of our (large) living room. In Summer or Winter, I try to take my laptop to our (much smaller) bedroom to save on heating and cooling. Yesterday I glanced over my entire 66,000 word realist novel (in case Publisher K requests it this week, which is fairly likely),Continue reading “#75: Leave lights/heater on”

#184: All day in a wired cafe

I love the smell of cliché in the morning. Taking advantage of a day when I didn’t have any tutoring, I decided to snap out of my recent pre-conference chocolate binge by distracting myself with writing and pancakes (pancakes being less evil than chocolate, believe me). So I went to the Pancake Parlour, an underground caveContinue reading “#184: All day in a wired cafe”

S#54: Clothing Attack

My heart is racing, I’m out of breath, and my torso is strangely constricted. I’ve been a-sewing. Warning: If you don’t like Hollywood blood and/or you’re under 12 years old, this is probably not the blog entry for you. Many years ago, I acquired this shirt due to winning the youth section of the SistersContinue reading “S#54: Clothing Attack”

S#52: Have some delicious delivered to your house

Food is good. Food at home is better. Food at home with no dishes is one of the great pleasures of the modern age. I had Chinese this time. Mmm. . . duck and mushroom sauce. . . Here’s a link to a short story I wrote called “The Misbehaving Mountain”: And here’s aContinue reading “S#52: Have some delicious delivered to your house”