Day at the Beach

This is my interpretation of Steff Metal’s suggestion #66 (Open an etsy shop). Every so often I’ll post an extra blog entry with a short story – and tag them all with the “Short stories” category so you can find them easily.

This one is (clearly) inspired by my nephew at the beach last weekend. Apologies if you’re on the monthly short story list, because this is the story for August. (If you want to get on the list, email fellissimo[at]hotmail[dot]com.)

Day at the Beach

“It’s a dragon!” Timmy squealed. “A dragon under the water!”

“Yes dear,” said Timmy’s Mum.

“It’s got big teeth!” said Timmy. “Look!”

“Yes dear,” said Timmy’s Mum.

“He’s coming closer!” said Timmy.

“That’s nice,” said Timmy’s Mum.

“He’s gonna EAT me!” said Timmy.

“I bet you taste nice,” said Timmy’s Mum.

“Look!” said Timmy. “There’s a rocket!”

“Run!” screamed Timmy’s Mum. “Hide!”

The rocket landed on the beach.

“Bad dragon,” said the alien. “Stop being silly and let’s go home.”

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  1. I’m just clearing out my e-mail and don’t get it. Is this something I subscribed to? Lordy, I hope now.

  2. I just don’t get it. Is this something I actually subscribed to? I hope not.

    1. Apparently you did. If you don’t like aliens, dragons, stories, or 5-year olds, this blog is not for you.

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