#5: Visit a lighthouse

I stole this idea from http://jandyslifeinwords.blogspot.com. Thanks!

As you know, my parents shouted all their descendents a trip to the coast last weekend, and I knew I had to seize my chance!

Lighthouses are intrinisically awesome. There’s the ocean right there, historic seafaring tales, shipwrecks, and of course I love the idea of a doughty solitary keeper slowly going mad as he spends years alone, saving the lives of people he never sees.

What’s not to love?

The Warden’s Head Lighthouse near Lake Burrell is nice and easy to get to (so no solitary keeper, sadly for my epic imagination – in fact it is quite clearly run by electricity, since there are power lines right next to it). You can literally drive right up to it (or crash into it, if you’re that way inclined).

There were other people there who said whales were passing, but I didn’t see any myself (my nephew said he did, but he sees a LOT of things I don’t). I didn’t see any cthulhu, either (not this time). Like pretty much anywhere next to water, it was a beautiful location. Ocean = win.

I hope the romantic ideal of the lighthouse sticks in my mind and eventually produces a tale. Pretty sure it will, and if I remember I’ll post it here.

And here’s another bite of awesome pie from bookshelfporn.com

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2 thoughts on “#5: Visit a lighthouse

  1. The library picture looks familiar… I know I’ve seen it somewhere before. You haven’t used it before, have you? (and no, I’ve never been to bookshelfporn.com)

    1. I may have already used it. It looked familiar, but I thought it was because I went through the same opening page. Oh well. I think it’s my favourite, all the same.

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