IF Comp: Roads Not Taken

I only did one play-through of this story, which took 40 minutes. “Slice of life” is a good description because it feels autobiographical*—both because of the detailed storytelling (good storytelling) and because it has the rambling uncertainty of real life. A lot of hyperlinks add detail, and the writing is good enough that they’re worthContinue reading “IF Comp: Roads Not Taken”

Bits and Bobs from “Brass”

I spent last weekend at Nimmitabel’s Steampunk @ Altitude festival, and the weekend before that at IronFest in Lithgow, so it’s been a wild steam-powered ride for the last couple of weeks. But a few old pics related to HEART OF BRASS just came to my attention, so I’m posting them here before they returnContinue reading “Bits and Bobs from “Brass””

Goulburn Comic Con & Wagga GammaCon

So I’ll be quite busy for the next 8 days as Goulburn Comic Con is literally tomorrow (free entry, Veolia Arena, 10am-5pm) and Wagga Wagga Gamma Con is literally one week later. I haven’t been to either event before but I’m very excited about both. Goulburn Comic Con is actually the reason my kids’ fantasyContinue reading “Goulburn Comic Con & Wagga GammaCon”

Madam Alchemist

This weekend is CanCon, and I have a stall there, with the tabletop version of my escape room (now called “Madam Alchemist” since it takes place in a mad scientist’s secret laboratory). I ran five play-tests during the day yesterday, and all of them went off without a hitch. I also had people approaching meContinue reading “Madam Alchemist”

Dogs, Goths, Kilts, Pirates, and Octopuses

Last weekend was the weekend of the annual Goulburn Waterworks Steampunk & Victoriana Fair. It’s always an absolute blast. The standard of garb at Goulburn is always amazing: corsets, top hats, pocket watches, waistcoats, bustles, crinolines, and epic boots galore! I thought I’d do a super quick blog on some of the side effects ofContinue reading “Dogs, Goths, Kilts, Pirates, and Octopuses”

GUI ChoiceScript?

I just found out that various people are working on making ChoiceScript easier to learn and use. I… probably won’t use these tools because I’ve grown comfortable with using CS directly and don’t want to mess with that (yes, I am old and crotchety. Shut up). Here‘s the link to much usefulness! Here’s Zipper, gettingContinue reading “GUI ChoiceScript?”

Me, me, me!

The brilliant writer and photographer Cat Sparks was kind enough to photograph the IRON LIGHTS launch at Old Parliament House today. If you’ve heard her name linked to the Canberra Writers Festival before, it’s because she was on some of the panels. There are so many brilliant photos that I’ve decided to save this entryContinue reading “Me, me, me!”

Murder in the Mail Art Exhibition Opening

Today is Saturday, August 25, 2018. Today MURDER IN THE MAIL: A BLOODY BIRTHDAY was officially launched with the beginning of a week-long art installation at The Front cafe & gallery (1 Wattle St, Lyneham, Canberra). It featured all eight pieces of story art (you can see them here), plus several bonus pieces (three OctopusContinue reading “Murder in the Mail Art Exhibition Opening”

Author Photo

Every so often I get asked for an author photo. Here are some that I use pretty often: Nice and steampunky, but WILDLY out of date. Amusing – captured just as the whistle blew, scaring the crap out of me. I’m actually (just barely) pregnant with Louisette in this photo. Generally author pics want toContinue reading “Author Photo”

Postcard from “Emmeline’s Empire”

Penny Blake of https://blakeandwight.com is just starting to arrange an “Author Postcard” series (starting in July, I think). I literally finished “Magic in the Mail: Emmeline’s Empire” earlier today so I was in the perfect head space. This postcard is written in character, and designed as an ad for the story (and, because why not? forContinue reading “Postcard from “Emmeline’s Empire””

Infinity War: Spoiler-Filled Impressions

I just watched this amazing video that has an amazingly high rate of correct theories about “Infinity War” (less so toward the end of the clip).   Now. Let’s talk. I’m going to assume readers have already seen the movie, and need to talk about it. There’s an entry here for those who just needContinue reading “Infinity War: Spoiler-Filled Impressions”