IF Comp: Valand/The Island

How long it actually took me to play: 15 minutes (the author estimated half an hour but I’m a very fast reader) The opening of this story was really intriguing: The main character (a child—their gender is never specified) comes to consciousness having washed up on a beach, where they immediately meet a magical creatureContinue reading “IF Comp: Valand/The Island”

Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman

See? I can do blindingly obvious clickbait too! But I do legitimately want to explore my feelings about these two beautiful films, so here we are. OBVIOUSLY team Wonder Woman and team Captain Marvel are all just one big ball of love and congratulations. And the fan art of the two superheroines is glorious. DoContinue reading “Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman”

Mega Lolly & Chocolate Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed something heinously unhealthy on this blog, so when I saw a whole bunch of new and exciting permutations of sugar, cocoa, and chemicals at Woolies today I bought them all. Let’s begin, as every good beginning does, with chocolate. Lindt Orange Intense I’m not usually a fan ofContinue reading “Mega Lolly & Chocolate Review”

Infinity War: Spoiler-Filled Impressions

I just watched this amazing video that has an amazingly high rate of correct theories about “Infinity War” (less so toward the end of the clip).   Now. Let’s talk. I’m going to assume readers have already seen the movie, and need to talk about it. There’s an entry here for those who just needContinue reading “Infinity War: Spoiler-Filled Impressions”

Avengers: Infinity War (spoilers for those who wanna know in advance)

  I’m really serious about this spoiler warning, okay? I’m gonna tell you who dies. Something unusual happened immediately after the final credits: people were talking. There was no relief, no certainty—and a whole lot that needs talking about. In a minute I’ll do my own emotional/talky response-analysis thing. This post is basically just aContinue reading “Avengers: Infinity War (spoilers for those who wanna know in advance)”

I’ve Seen Infinity War. Here’s What You Want to Know Going In (spoiler free)

Overwhelmed. Yes, that is a good word. Stuff happened. The Marvel universe will never be the same. It’s going to be a long wait until the next Avengers film (a year, I believe). It’s such a very Marvel movie. Funny, tragic, epic, spectacular. It IS rushed. It has to be. The elegance of character introductionsContinue reading “I’ve Seen Infinity War. Here’s What You Want to Know Going In (spoiler free)”

Gift Guide for Ages 3-6ish

I loooove buying presents for my kids. As in, I’ll cheerfully buy presents in June (like budget experts tell you to), and then continue buying presents for the entire rest of the year (which budget experts do not recommend). Having said that, we don’t do stocking presents in our house, and likely never will. IContinue reading “Gift Guide for Ages 3-6ish”

Pictures worth thousands of words

I’m not a visual artist, and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of influence I was allowed to have on my books covers (Odyssey Books has a top-notch cover game). It’s a good thing they go through a few drafts, too. Can you see what’s wrong with the first draft of SILVER AND STONE?Continue reading “Pictures worth thousands of words”

Dancing, Duelling, Delicious: The official book launch for HEART OF BRASS

You know what’s cool? Nurofen tablets are sugar coated. * HEART OF BRASS had her official Book Launch yesterday as part of the inaugural Canberra Writers Festival, an absolutely huge event. I was written about (with a cover image) in Canberra Weekly magazine (96,000 readers!) and in the Canberra Times, as well as various otherContinue reading “Dancing, Duelling, Delicious: The official book launch for HEART OF BRASS”

“Worst one I’ve played”: Reviewing the Reviewers

It’s finally happened: my first interactive (that is, Choose Your Own Adventure-ish) Australian steampunk novel is wandering unsupervised in the great big world, gathering reviews near and far (and scaring its mother half to death). My very first review was the hilarious comment “Worst one I’ve played”, accompanied by one star. I’m genuinely delighted by such aContinue reading ““Worst one I’ve played”: Reviewing the Reviewers”

Naked Truth Chocolate Bars

I stumbled across these in the lolly aisle at Coles. The name reminded me instantly of “nudie” juice drinks – another deliberately cute, expensive company that pours heart and soul into being the very best in its field (and charges accordingly). There was a wide variety of options, so I chose three. 1. Sweetie Pie:Continue reading “Naked Truth Chocolate Bars”

Beginner’s Guide to Steampunk Lit

Yes, it’s finally here! My idea of what a map of steampunk might look like. Harangue me on my choices and omissions below! Post it wherever you like, with a link back here. Caveat #1: This is only books (I tried to make it only novels, or at least novelists). Caveat #2: I’m only oneContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide to Steampunk Lit”

“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen

That is a truly fine book. I wrote last week about Sandy Fussell’s “Samurai Kids” series, which sparkles with wit and warmth on every page. “Pride and Prejudice” is like that – brimming with brilliant one-liners and clever observations. The only other series that I think hits the “every page” rule so well is theContinue reading ““Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen”

“And Another Thing. . .” by Eoin Colfer

This is not an Artemis Fowl book – it’s a continuation of the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. As a rule I flinch when I hear about any writer doing any reboot (gritty or otherwise) of someone else’s work – Arthurian myths, vampires (sparkly or otherwise), elves versus dwarves, etc. But I KNOW Colfer isContinue reading ““And Another Thing. . .” by Eoin Colfer”