My 2017: No wonder I need a lie down

What an epic year. I spent over 15 years of my life writing novels that nobody would touch, and now that it’s started to rain it’s pouring (which is a wonderful thing). I spent vast amounts of time on the Tin Man Games “Choices That Matter” app (Google Play and iOS). It’s a story hub forContinue reading “My 2017: No wonder I need a lie down”

Steampunk Stories

I have amused myself for some years by writing a number of stories and novels in a wide range of utterly different formats. Presumably this is due to an unconscious desire to confuse and frustrate the largest possible number of my own readers. Now that the book trilogy is finished I have put together a fullContinue reading “Steampunk Stories”

News about “Choices That Matter” story app.

Eep, I really haven’t written for a while. In my defence, I am in a whirlwind of writing as I finish “Choices: And Their Souls Were Eaten”, write the sequel to “Heart of Brass” (it’ll be a trilogy by the end of next year), and research and write [redacted] for [redacted], which is terribly exciting.Continue reading “News about “Choices That Matter” story app.”

Dancing, Duelling, Delicious: The official book launch for HEART OF BRASS

You know what’s cool? Nurofen tablets are sugar coated. * HEART OF BRASS had her official Book Launch yesterday as part of the inaugural Canberra Writers Festival, an absolutely huge event. I was written about (with a cover image) in Canberra Weekly magazine (96,000 readers!) and in the Canberra Times, as well as various otherContinue reading “Dancing, Duelling, Delicious: The official book launch for HEART OF BRASS”

Best Playgrounds in Canberra

Earlier this year (and adding to previous experience) I set out to become the world expert on Canberra playgrounds. I think I succeeded, and I have the travel articles to prove it. First, a not-very-plausible Tour of Canberra (seriously, all of it) through playgrounds. It really does work for seeing all Canberra’s best bits inContinue reading “Best Playgrounds in Canberra”

Sarcastic Christmas Letter

This has been a particularly well-photographed year, and a pleasant one, so here’s a superfast mostly-visual rundown of 2012: January: Louisette was born. Being not pregnant is STILL exciting, outweighed only by the presence of Louisette herself. February: Sleeeeepy. March: And then we went to Hong Kong. Because international travel is what ALL the baby booksContinue reading “Sarcastic Christmas Letter”

101 Awesomenesses: Report

I have taken MANY liberties (mainly shortening and some retitling) with this list, but the original list is here. The pictures below are mine, except for the last one. There will be more awesome linked lists (top tens and suchlike) soon. 1. Pajama party In bed. Just you, something (or someone) to snuggle, a laptop, notebookContinue reading “101 Awesomenesses: Report”

Final Megalist for Year of Awesomeness

If you click on the “megalist of awesomeness” tag, you get a list of links to all the awesomenesses of the past twelve months – I’ll shortly be compiling a greatest hits list with proper links just for you (and of course revisiting the steffmetal list that started it all). As always, I’ve reposted some of theContinue reading “Final Megalist for Year of Awesomeness”

Megalist of Awesome

It’s way past time for another Megalist of Awesomeness. I marked some that I thought were especially good (for a variety of reasons). Don’t forget you’re all MOST welcome to make suggestions (I’ve never said no). Why not pick one from this list to do yourself? Come back and tell the rest of us how it went,Continue reading “Megalist of Awesome”

#163: Unusual Anniversary

Happy 113th day of Daily Awesomeness! Here are links to every awesome thing I’ve done since I began. I also included a few of my favourite photos. I put a bullet next to the ones I thought were especially awesome. Play along at home: Pick ONE awesome thing, do it, and tell us about itContinue reading “#163: Unusual Anniversary”