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This week has been a lot better physically than last week, and I’m feeling good as I count down the weeks (eight to go).  

I did have a peculiar incident yesterday. When I woke up, I stretched – like a mad fool. The muscles in my left leg snapped into a bad cramp – and after the initial severe pain wore off it stuck around (in fact it’s not entirely gone now). I literally crawled to the bathroom and was able to limp back. Unfortunately, lying down made it much worse and when I tried to get up an hour later CJ had to come and massage me before I could turn over (somewhat necessary in order to get my legs to the floor). I limped severely all day, but luckily I didn’t need to drive anywhere. Although it was painful, it had plenty of novelty value so I kind of enjoyed it.

It’s probably caused by a lack of magnesium (that or calcium, but since I drink almost a litre of milk a day it’s pretty obviously not that).

Louisette has started hiccuping, and was kind enough to hiccup while CJ was home last week, so he could feel the movement.

And on to today’s official topic! Here, in no particular order, are some of the plans CJ and I are looking forward to doing with our future children (and yes, there are some significant differences in the costs or age-relevence of these items):

Take the kids to the zoo.

Buy a house with a yard (but make the kids share a room – if we can all stand it).

Take the kids to Questacon, especially in Winter.

Play with plasticine, and playdough, and make potato stencils.

Buy primary-school popularity for the kids by having a pool.

Expand the house (or shove CJ out of his study) so the kids get their own rooms around the onset of puberty.

Have a granny flat so the kids can be “neighbours” for a while between living at home and moving out. Charge rent based on their income, until it reaches market value.

Play with frisbees.

Fly a kite.

Take them to Canberra’s best playgrounds (the castle, and the snake playground).

Go camping with my brother and his family.

Lots of cousin time! (My sister and her family might even be living in Canberra, which would mean all my direct siblings are here in one city!!)

Go paddle boating.

Rent a four-person bike.

When the kids are old enough, teach them how to look after fish. . . then a cat or dog. It’s a brilliant gift for them, and it teaches responsibility for others.


Do you have kids? Feel free to steal an idea (or four)! Or tell me some more awesome kid-related suggestions in the comments.

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