In over two and a half years of marriage, CJ and I have never once eaten tofu. Every so often I make a dodgy fried rice with whatever is in the fridge – usually ham and eggs, with sugar and soy sauce for flavouring. This week I tried something new. I cooked coconut-flavoured rice by adding a cup of coconut milk to the uncooked rice instead of water (then stirring it a few times as it cooked, rather than just letting it go). It tastes brilliant. I fried the results with Chinese-style honey soy tofu (a pack of it from a supermarket shelf – in the same aisle as cold meats and cheese), and topped it with boiled eggs. We then added soy sauce to taste.

This is a great vegetarian meal, and without the eggs it’s even vegan.

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2 thoughts on “Experimentation

  1. Tofu can be great, as long as it’s got a decent marinade. Soy sause is the best one, because it’s a really strong flavour, but fish sauce also works.

    1. W: Tofu is offensive because of its inoffensiveness, I think. I grew to like it in Indonesia.

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