Best Playgrounds in Canberra

Earlier this year (and adding to previous experience) I set out to become the world expert on Canberra playgrounds. I think I succeeded, and I have the travel articles to prove it. First, a not-very-plausible Tour of Canberra (seriously, all of it) through playgrounds. It really does work for seeing all Canberra’s best bits inContinue reading “Best Playgrounds in Canberra”

2011 Top Ten Awesomenesses

Hot air balloon World Map of Food Horseriding Zombie Walk  Steam Train 6. Beach (for our second honeymoon/pre-emptive babymoon) and sandcastle Skyfire Young Symphonists Get pregnant Getting rescued by firemen was cool too. 2011 was somewhat dominated by pregnancy and pregnancy-related illness, but there were a few other really cool things going on: I wrote andContinue reading “2011 Top Ten Awesomenesses”

Top Ten FREE Awesomenesses

It’s finally here! The ultimate awesomenesses for my poverty-striken peeps. I’ve marked with an asterisk those I think are worth clicking on (either for stylish writing or for pictures). And without further ado. . . 10. Feed ducks 9. Blob/No Plans 8. Join the Library and Read Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy* 7. Lord of theContinue reading “Top Ten FREE Awesomenesses”

Top Ten Awesome Pics

Here they are, the pictures that in my opinion are the most peculiar/troublesome/unique/spectacular from the year of Daily Awesomeness. A few also appear in the other top ten lists. I’ve marked with an asterisk those that are attached to well-written or interesting blog articles, and pointed out for your benefit when the awesomeness in questionContinue reading “Top Ten Awesome Pics”

Top Ten Awesomenesses

I’ve now sorted ALL 365 awesomenesses into three top tens – the top ten that cost money, the top ten that are free, and the top ten pictures from the year. Here’s the first list, leading up to my personal favourite. 10. Home Made Lemonade – with SCIENCE! Cost: Perhaps $10 for lemons, sugar, and the secretContinue reading “Top Ten Awesomenesses”