2011 Top Ten Awesomenesses

Hot air balloon

World Map of Food


Zombie Walk 

Steam Train

6. Beach (for our second honeymoon/pre-emptive babymoon) and sandcastle


Young Symphonists

Get pregnant

Getting rescued by firemen was cool too.

2011 was somewhat dominated by pregnancy and pregnancy-related illness, but there were a few other really cool things going on: I wrote and edited a steampunk novel; CJ’s brother got engaged (CJ and Louisette and I will all be visiting Hong Kong and Beijing next year for the wedding – and blogging about it, naturally); and my sister and her family told me they’ll be living in Canberra (for at least a year) from June 2012. We had dramas with disappearing cats, a ceiling collapse, and nearly going to court over a paperwork issue – but it all worked out in the end.

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4 thoughts on “2011 Top Ten Awesomenesses

    1. W: I’m known for being a teensy bit jumpy. I still occasionally scream when I turn a corner in the house and there’s a MAN there *gasp*
      If CJ’s deaf by the age of 35, it’s my fault.

      1. W: It dates back even farther than our friendship. My brother used to hide behind doors, furniture, etc and jump out at me throughout our childhood.

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