Death at the Rectory

It’s been a long, long time but I finally have another ChoiceScript interactive story. DEATH AT THE RECTORY (iOS, Google Play, Amazon, etc) is a cozy crime mystery (with magic) which was very much inspired by the real-life rectory of St John’s Anglican in Gundagai. Here are some pics from the actual rectory:   And here’s aContinue reading “Death at the Rectory”

Goulburn Comic Con & Wagga GammaCon

So I’ll be quite busy for the next 8 days as Goulburn Comic Con is literally tomorrow (free entry, Veolia Arena, 10am-5pm) and Wagga Wagga Gamma Con is literally one week later. I haven’t been to either event before but I’m very excited about both. Goulburn Comic Con is actually the reason my kids’ fantasyContinue reading “Goulburn Comic Con & Wagga GammaCon”

Shooting Through: the escape room that comes to you

MADAM ALCHEMIST is now running in Canberra. THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING ROOM will be made available again in future.  What is the permanent location like? The permanent location is in Macgregor, within sight of the Kippax MacDonald’s and Vet. It is a room of my house that happens to also have hundreds of books in itContinue reading “Shooting Through: the escape room that comes to you”

Art for Schools

The full list of MURDER IN THE MAIL: A BLOODY BIRTHDAY contributors is here, but this article is specifically about the art from the exhibition currently showing at The Front cafe & gallery, with teachers and school principals in mind. I have chosen the most school-appropriate image from each artist to recommend (and have neglectedContinue reading “Art for Schools”

Murder in the Mail Art Exhibition Opening

Today is Saturday, August 25, 2018. Today MURDER IN THE MAIL: A BLOODY BIRTHDAY was officially launched with the beginning of a week-long art installation at The Front cafe & gallery (1 Wattle St, Lyneham, Canberra). It featured all eight pieces of story art (you can see them here), plus several bonus pieces (three OctopusContinue reading “Murder in the Mail Art Exhibition Opening”

Say what??

This weekend is the Canberra Writers Festival, and I have not one but TWO book launches. Saturday is the official launch of MURDER IN THE MAIL: A BLOODY BIRTHDAY (complete with a week-long art installation) at The Front cafe & gallery (Lyneham shops, 3:30-5pm). It’s not officially connected to the Canberra Writers Festival at all,Continue reading “Say what??”

Book Week activity for pre-school to Year 4 kids

Last year, I wrote a story with my daughter’s Kindy class. This year I’m going one better (or at least noisier) and writing a story with my son’s pre-school class. This is a fairly fancy* pre-school, so even in pre-school the kids are encouraged to write their own names, and most can write the firstContinue reading “Book Week activity for pre-school to Year 4 kids”

Magic in the Mail

The (first?) “Murder in the Mail” Kickstarter was successful, raising thousands of dollars. You can read more about that story here. As you can probably guess from the title, this led to further shenanigans. There are currently TWO “Magic in the Mail” stories in development: Magic in the Mail: Feuding Fae This is a taleContinue reading “Magic in the Mail”

Murder for Kick(starter)

Last Saturday at midnight, my first ever Kickstarter Campaign ended, raising funds via pre-orders (and special rewards) for “Murder in the Mail: A Bloody Birthday”. Mistakes were made. One of my main mistakes was that, after looking at the Australia Post web site, I thought an A4 envelope thinner than 2cm would cost $1. TurnsContinue reading “Murder for Kick(starter)”

Murderous Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter for the first Murder in the Mail story is now live. It’s packed with unique rewards. Most are available anywhere in the world. Murder in the Mail tells stories through letters, objects, and artworks mailed to the reader over several weeks. The first story is A Bloody Birthday. Naomi, your cousin, is killed at her own birthdayContinue reading “Murderous Kickstarter!”

Murder for Fun and Profit

The Kickstarter for “Murder in the Mail: A Bloody Birthday” was fully funded, and the story was officially launched (as part of an art exhibition) in August 2018. It is no longer available in subscription form (mailed to you over 8 weeks) but there are some packs left that you can purchase through the store,Continue reading “Murder for Fun and Profit”


Yes, books have trailers now. Yes—as is utterly obvious even on first viewing—I make my own trailers. It would actually be cheaper for me to hire someone else to do it. You can get a professional-looking trailer for around $5 if you know where to look. This trailer cost considerably more than that (I paidContinue reading “THE MONSTER APPRENTICE Book Trailer”

Rahana Books (Heest Trilogy)

You can buy all three books through this site (scroll down and click on ‘Store’), and in all the usual places (both online and in stores). The first book is THE MONSTER APPRENTICE; the second book is THE PRINCESS AND THE PIRATE; and the third book is WAKING DEAD MOUNTAIN. THE MONSTER APPRENTICE: The heest areContinue reading “Rahana Books (Heest Trilogy)”

Antipodean Queen 3: Iron Lights

That’s right! The title has changed. This is the final book in my magical steampunk trilogy. The first book is HEART OF BRASS and the second is SILVER AND STONE. You can buy IRON LIGHTS here or a full Steam & Sorcery pack here (it includes all three novels, and the full version of Magic inContinue reading “Antipodean Queen 3: Iron Lights”

My 2017: No wonder I need a lie down

What an epic year. I spent over 15 years of my life writing novels that nobody would touch, and now that it’s started to rain it’s pouring (which is a wonderful thing). I spent vast amounts of time on the Tin Man Games “Choices That Matter” app (Google Play and iOS). It’s a story hub forContinue reading “My 2017: No wonder I need a lie down”

Pirate Ball

It’s official. I can wear corsets again. And with three book launches this year, it’s not a moment too soon. Do you live in Australia? Do you live reasonably close to Canberra? Do you love the Narnia books? Do you love pirates? Do you love live music? Do you love dancing (and/or watching others dance)?Continue reading “Pirate Ball”

What I earned this year

Full-time writers in Australia have an average income of around $12,000 (I know, yikes). In Canberra, which has a lot of good public service jobs, the average income is around $52,000. I just did my taxes, and worked out that I earned just under $20,000 last financial year while working full-time. 100% of that cameContinue reading “What I earned this year”

List of all my Interactive Fiction

I make most of my writing income from interactive fiction. (As soon as I say “writing income” out loud, my fellow authors want to know more.) Most people who find me via my blog know me as a novelist, so I’ll pitch this entry as if you’re hearing about modern IF (interactive fiction) for theContinue reading “List of all my Interactive Fiction”

Antipodean Queen 2: SILVER AND STONE

SILVER AND STONE is the middle book of my Australian steampunk fantasy trilogy, which began with HEART OF BRASS and will end in 2018 with IRON LIGHTS. You can buy SILVER AND STONE here (I’ll even sign it for you), or the full STEAM & SORCERY pack here (all three novels plus the full versionContinue reading “Antipodean Queen 2: SILVER AND STONE”

Antipodean Queen 1: HEART OF BRASS

HEART OF BRASS is my first published novel; the beginning of all my (mostly Australian) steampunk fantasy stories. You can buy it directly from me here (I’ll sign it and post it to you), and in all the usual book places (online and offline). You can also buy the full Steam & Sorcery pack here (allContinue reading “Antipodean Queen 1: HEART OF BRASS”