S#76: I am an aeronaut

I’ve written a shiny new guest blog (about ballooning and sailing a tall ship, from the perspective of a writer), all the details of which will be revealed very soon. Today, finally, is the triumphant blog of riding in a hot air balloon. Here’s how it went: The pilot released a large helium balloon with a lightContinue reading “S#76: I am an aeronaut”

#204: Sculpture Garden

Canberra’s National Gallery was built by orcs. It is designed to confuse and infuriate. Much as I generally like at least some of the art, I spend every visit to the National Gallery in a state of disoriented confusion due to the strange permutations of the building’s many and winding concrete corridors. My favourite partContinue reading “#204: Sculpture Garden”

#144: Go somewhere I’ve never been (Pine Island)

Most of this article has been moved here, where I get paid per reader (hint hint). I have enjoyed clambering on river rocks in ankle-length skirts since I was ten years old (there are photos of that somewhere). There’s something about it that’s just scary enough to be enjoyable and adventurous without actually risking majorContinue reading “#144: Go somewhere I’ve never been (Pine Island)”

S#63/6: Live Music at an Irish Pub

Today was an out-and-out awesome fail. The pub itself (King O’Malley’s in Civic, Canberra, Australia) is awesome (I even wrote about it here). CJ was awesome, smiling tolerantly as I fished ice cubes out of my Baileys and spat them into someone’s discarded Guiness (because no-one, NO-ONE, dilutes my Baileys). There were fire twirlers outside,Continue reading “S#63/6: Live Music at an Irish Pub”

#123: Yum Cha

This is another idea from the sweetness that is http://the-creamy-middles.blogspot.com. I moved the article here, for money 🙂 Play along at home: Go to yum cha (I went to Ginseng in the Hellenic Club) but remember it’s usually a lunch thing, and not happening all the time. Alternatively, you can make your own by buyingContinue reading “#123: Yum Cha”

S#98: Embrace Another Culture

PS Part of this article was moved here, where I get paid for it if you click through. I’ll be embracing Japan for twenty-four hours. This is everything I know about Japan so far: 1. Sashimi is yuck and makes me feel sick (which should make S#2: “Sushi” rather interesting) but most anime is very good.Continue reading “S#98: Embrace Another Culture”

S#53: Be a tourist in your own city

Today my partner took a flex day (a paid day off he’s earned by doing overtime – probably the world’s best invention ever) and we and a friend of ours who I’ll call Hannah went and visited the Australian National Botanic Gardens. Instead of dressing as a tourist (as per Steff Metal’s instructions), I dressedContinue reading “S#53: Be a tourist in your own city”