Bits and Bobs from “Brass”

I spent last weekend at Nimmitabel’s Steampunk @ Altitude festival, and the weekend before that at IronFest in Lithgow, so it’s been a wild steam-powered ride for the last couple of weeks. But a few old pics related to HEART OF BRASS just came to my attention, so I’m posting them here before they returnContinue reading “Bits and Bobs from “Brass””

Escape Room Accessibility

The typical escape room company is located in a hard-to-find corner—somewhere with small windows, ill-suited to shopfronts or homes. There are usually stairs, and almost always darkness. MADAM ALCHEMIST, my portable magical steampunk escape room, is designed to be suitable for most ages and abilities. It is G-rated and has no physical challenges. This blogContinue reading “Escape Room Accessibility”

Madam Alchemist

This weekend is CanCon, and I have a stall there, with the tabletop version of my escape room (now called “Madam Alchemist” since it takes place in a mad scientist’s secret laboratory). I ran five play-tests during the day yesterday, and all of them went off without a hitch. I also had people approaching meContinue reading “Madam Alchemist”

Shooting Through: the escape room that comes to you

MADAM ALCHEMIST is now available in both Sydney (Caringbah only) and Canberra (fully portable). You can book it from the home page. THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING ROOM is also playable but there’s a LOT of props so I only run it for special occasions (such as a party). Here are some gorgeous pics, all taken byContinue reading “Shooting Through: the escape room that comes to you”