Death at the Rectory

It’s been a long, long time but I finally have another ChoiceScript interactive story. DEATH AT THE RECTORY (iOS, Google Play, Amazon, etc) is a cozy crime mystery (with magic) which was very much inspired by the real-life rectory of St John’s Anglican in Gundagai. Here are some pics from the actual rectory:   And here’s aContinue reading “Death at the Rectory”

Antipodean Queen 1: HEART OF BRASS

HEART OF BRASS is my first published novel; the beginning of all my (mostly Australian) steampunk fantasy stories. You can buy it directly from me here (I’ll sign it and post it to you), and in all the usual book places (online and offline). You can also buy the full Steam & Sorcery pack here (allContinue reading “Antipodean Queen 1: HEART OF BRASS”

HEART OF BRASS cover reveal

Here it is… On the publisher’s website it has an official release date less than a week away! If you’re in Canberra and you want your copy signed, email me at and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll also be at certain conferences this year, including: Brimbank Writers and Readers Festival 1-11 SeptemberContinue reading “HEART OF BRASS cover reveal”


The long weeks at sea have dragged by as the scuttlebutt is whispered from captain to cabin boy… there’s going to be a post-comp release of SCARLET SAILS… it’s twice as long… there are new chapters… there are even more chances to stab, shoot, or magically murder people that annoy you… It turns out that (justContinue reading “ARR ME HEARTIES!!!”

“Worst one I’ve played”: Reviewing the Reviewers

It’s finally happened: my first interactive (that is, Choose Your Own Adventure-ish) Australian steampunk novel is wandering unsupervised in the great big world, gathering reviews near and far (and scaring its mother half to death). My very first review was the hilarious comment “Worst one I’ve played”, accompanied by one star. I’m genuinely delighted by such aContinue reading ““Worst one I’ve played”: Reviewing the Reviewers”

Interactive Fiction: My Shiny New Obsession

If you’ve set eyes on me for more than thirty seconds at any point this year, you know all about my shiny new obsession: interactive fiction. It’s the digital form of “Choose Your Own Adventure” novels. As of seven minutes ago, my first publicly-available interactive fiction story is live (and also free… for now) right here –Continue reading “Interactive Fiction: My Shiny New Obsession”

Do Pirates Squee?

This one does. Fifteen – yes, fifteen – years ago I invented a fantasy world called Rahana based on Indonesia (I was sitting on a folding chair in a concreted Indonesian room attempting to listen to a sermon at the time). My idea was that if I had a rich and complicated world I could base aContinue reading “Do Pirates Squee?”

Best Playgrounds in Canberra

Earlier this year (and adding to previous experience) I set out to become the world expert on Canberra playgrounds. I think I succeeded, and I have the travel articles to prove it. First, a not-very-plausible Tour of Canberra (seriously, all of it) through playgrounds. It really does work for seeing all Canberra’s best bits inContinue reading “Best Playgrounds in Canberra”

Open Letter to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton

Felicity Banks   Dear Mr Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection: I was a teenager when I first realised there was something wrong with Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers. A case was being discussed on the radio of a gay man in danger due to his homosexuality. When I heard the story,Continue reading “Open Letter to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton”

Plot Device Film, and Ten Untranslatable Words

Here is a movie and an article that are sashaying around the writerly blogosphere at the moment. Yes, it’s a long film for youtube. But it’s way shorter than a movie, and just as good. Say hi to the zombies for me.   And this is an article by someone who has picked ten words thatContinue reading “Plot Device Film, and Ten Untranslatable Words”

Advice to Victorian Ladies

This is taken from a mid-book compilation by author Liza Picard, in Victorian London. Enjoy! Advice to Ladies: Most wind instruments are decidedly inelegant, they should be left to the gentlemen. Playing the violin-cello is of course out of the question, while the violin, while not so openly obscene, necessitates an awkward position of theContinue reading “Advice to Victorian Ladies”

“Send sleep, vodka, and bacon. . .” (PG)

Chuck Wendig did another brilliant post on his new baby, and I couldn’t resist reposting it below (remember, his blog is often MA). The original is here. *PSSSHHcracklehisss* “– you hear me? The stuff’s everywhere — black tar — came pouring out of diapers — could lay shingles with this stuff OH GOD HERE COMESContinue reading ““Send sleep, vodka, and bacon. . .” (PG)”

I’m pregnant

The rumours are true. Every Wednesday from now on will be about the baby (aka Mini-Me) until he/she is old enough to need some privacy (it’s quite likely I’ll mention breasts, breastfeeding, and maybe periods – but that’s as gross/adult as it will get). I’ve also prepped literally dozens of blog entries in advance –Continue reading “I’m pregnant”

Lifesaving and Codebreaking

Of all the words in all the languages on Earth, “useful” is not one that is generally applied to me. Today details one of those rare days when it was. My neighbour and his wife stood in his front yard, staring around vacantly as I pulled up. Their car was parked half across my driveway. IContinue reading “Lifesaving and Codebreaking”