I love deadlines. That’s not sarcasm. The writing life consists largely of sitting alone in a room (or worse, sitting in the same room as young kids who I desperately hope are sufficiently distracted by the blaring TV) scowling at a screen as I invent worlds and people that absolutely no-one cares about except myself. Deadlines giveContinue reading “Deadlines”

Interactive Fiction: My Shiny New Obsession

If you’ve set eyes on me for more than thirty seconds at any point this year, you know all about my shiny new obsession: interactive fiction. It’s the digital form of “Choose Your Own Adventure” novels. As of seven minutes ago, my first publicly-available interactive fiction story is live (and also free… for now) right here –Continue reading “Interactive Fiction: My Shiny New Obsession”

Where do your ideas come from?

Any writer will tell you – everywhere. In 2015 I plan to write slowly – that is, to drastically alter my usual style (I generally finish a book within a month – whether writing for NaNoWriMo or not). Now that I’ve finished another draft of “Flight of Fancy” (inspired by my daughter’s first fictional storyContinue reading “Where do your ideas come from?”