Introduction to Interactive Fiction

I thought I’d better write an entry today in case someone is a-googling after hearing my interactive fiction interview on 666 ABC Canberra at 7:25am this morning (wheeee!) Hello and welcome. I write both novels and interactive novels. Other people find interactive fiction via the gaming community, so there are usually elements of game playContinue reading “Introduction to Interactive Fiction”

Mummy (and Daddy) blogs

Last week, Mediawatch* talked about “mummy bloggers” – women who’ve had children and blog about it. Technically I am one. Unsurprisingly, as I cut down on writing and spend way more time with bodily fluids, my list of blogs that I read is switching from predominantly literary blogs to predominantly parenting blogs. Here are fourContinue reading “Mummy (and Daddy) blogs”

Less and More

From next week, I’ll be reducing this blog to two days a week – Miscellaneous Mondays (anything from a rant on equal rights to a picture of a cat) and Louisette Wednesdays. I’m hoping this will result in an increase in quality. Either way, I’ve been blogging faithfully for many years as I wait forContinue reading “Less and More”

The long, long road

I know better than most how long it takes for publishers to make a decision on a book that is reasonably well-written and therefore difficult to reject. Right now I have books at two of Australia’s big publishers. One has been there for almost a year; the other has been there for literally years. EvenContinue reading “The long, long road”

Don’t be an idiot (warning: some swearing)

The real title here is: Don’t be a shit. If you want to be a professional writer, be polite. No matter what. This article by Chuck Wendig (who has a potty mouth with occasional vivid sexual references – but he sure is worth listening to) is worth reading and obeying. Here’s a bit: Editors andContinue reading “Don’t be an idiot (warning: some swearing)”


Ebooks are a huge deal, it’s true, but in my opinion the appeal of the “Hah! Take THAT, traditional publishing!” story leads to misinformation and exaggeration. Here’s a collection of articles on ebooks. – ebook reality vs hype AND AND AND (which I think is an example of some of the extremely rareContinue reading “Ebooks”


I’m toying with the idea of self-publishing one of my books online, and I’d welcome your thoughts. It needs to be one that is good, but has been rejected by at least six publishers (sadly, that still gives me a choice of book). Realistically, self-publishing is just a new kind of slushpile, with an evenContinue reading “Self-Publishing”

Are you almost there?

A lot of writers laugh indulgently at the pile of rambling grammatical errors that is their first book, and try hard not to think too hard about whether or not their current work in progress will be just as eye-rollingly embarrassing a little while down the track. For those who’ve been around the traps forContinue reading “Are you almost there?”

Small Press: Hero or Villain?

I’m linking you to Lynn Price at The Behler Blog yet again, because she just keeps making so much sense. This time she discusses how, in the migration of definitions, you can figure out whether your “publisher” deserves the quote marks or not. This section alone is why the world needs more blogs like thisContinue reading “Small Press: Hero or Villain?”

When they come to you, ask yourself why

PS This is several hours early because CJ and Louisette and I will be travelling to Hong Kong tomorrow, and our housesitters have enough menial tasks to do without posting my blog for me. ———————————————————————————————— Here is an article from an extremely helpful website, Writer Beware. It’s solid advice, because it is all too easyContinue reading “When they come to you, ask yourself why”

The Steampunk Scholar

The Steampunk Scholar is a brilliant in-depth resource on all things steampunk fiction. He’s doing a PhD, so the “scholar” part is not just for the alliteration.   This is his post on the best of 2011, and this is the best part (I’ve unlinked things, so you’ll have to click through to the postContinue reading “The Steampunk Scholar”

All about agents (PG swearing)

I had to link to this article, because one of the blogs I follow was  recommended by another blog I follow. Chuck Wendig is a naughty, naughty man and his language and metaphors can be M/MA at times. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The man has a wicked way with words. Here’s some snippets from aContinue reading “All about agents (PG swearing)”