All about agents (PG swearing)

I had to link to this article, because one of the blogs I follow was  recommended by another blog I follow. Chuck Wendig is a naughty, naughty man and his language and metaphors can be M/MA at times. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The man has a wicked way with words.

Here’s some snippets from a doubly-great article:

Agents have seen it all. They are the first line of defense in the war against Bad Books and Shitty Storytelling. It’s a wonder that some of them don’t just snap and try to take out half of New York City with a dirty bomb made of radioactive stink-fist query letters and cat turd manuscripts.

. . .

It’s easy to imagine agents as iron-hearted gatekeepers guarding the gates of Publishing Eden with their swords of fire: marketing angels serving the God of the Almighty Dollar. Most of the agents I know and have met are readers first. They do this because they love this, not because it pays them in private jets and jacuzzis filled with 40-year-Macallan Scotch. They like to read. They love books. Which is awesome.

And here’s your weekly cat pic:

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      1. Perhaps I’m wrong, but it seems like every second or third day has a cat picture 😉

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      3. Jolyon: So your answer is “Both”. Well, baby pictures and cat pictures set off similar synapses in the brain, I believe.

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    1. Thanks Jolyon! I don’t think I’d have noticed that on my own. Fixed now, I believe.

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