A little piracy

Last weekend I ran a stall at CanCon for three days. It’s Canberra’s biggest board game gathering, and this was the 40th year.   I wore corsets! It was so exciting! And there was a T-Rex. I’ve already booked the exact same stall location for January 2019. I also wore my pretty pretty princess outfit:Continue reading “A little piracy”

Shiver Me Timbers!

I said I had big news. This is it. My middle grade (age 9-14ish) trilogy, all about fantastical pirates and monsters, has just been officially accepted for publication by Odyssey Books. The first book is called THE MONSTER APPRENTICE, and will be launched in February 2018 (in time for Goulburn ComiCon). It’s set in aContinue reading “Shiver Me Timbers!”

“Stormhunter” flounders as Satalyte falls to Earth

Most small publishers stop running within two years. Which is not surprising, when you consider that the large publishers make a loss on the vast majority of the books they produce. It’s the occasional bestseller keeping everyone afloat. People just don’t read enough books. With that reality, small publishers deserve more credit rather than less.Continue reading ““Stormhunter” flounders as Satalyte falls to Earth”

Conflux 2016

Conflux is Canberra’s speculative fiction conference. It happens every year on the October long weekend (even when that means starting in September, like in 2016 and 2017). Each year features guests of honour from around Australia and the world; panels on a variety of topics (including deliciously blatant fanfests); workshops; book launches; pitching sessions; aContinue reading “Conflux 2016”

“Scarlet Sails” covers, redux

I wrote about designing the cover for SCARLET SAILS (aka my interactive pirate book….probably coming out within two months, yay!) over here. The cover has to come in several versions, with very specific dimensions. So here’s what I have now:   All of the above (which I now realise should have borders so you canContinue reading ““Scarlet Sails” covers, redux”

Do Pirates Squee?

This one does. Fifteen¬†– yes,¬†fifteen – years ago I invented a fantasy world called Rahana based on Indonesia (I was sitting on a folding chair in a concreted Indonesian room attempting to listen to a sermon at the time). My idea was that if I had a rich and complicated world I could base aContinue reading “Do Pirates Squee?”