Top Ten Awesome Pics

Here they are, the pictures that in my opinion are the most peculiar/troublesome/unique/spectacular from the year of Daily Awesomeness. A few also appear in the other top ten lists. I’ve marked with an asterisk those that are attached to well-written or interesting blog articles, and pointed out for your benefit when the awesomeness in question has several excellent pictures for your enjoyment.

10. Skyfire 2011

9. Tattoo a baby

8. Macabre expression of love*

7. Sarcastic Christmas Letter (this photo is from the Great Wall)*

6. Wedding photos (plenty more beautiful/funny pictures)

5. Play with a cat

4. World map of food (all of which are listed in the article)

3. Hot air balloon ride (more beautiful pictures in the article, naturally)

2. Bubbles! (lots of beautiful pictures if you click through)

1. Octopus in an unexpected place (so many awesome pictures it was hard to pick this one – if you like it, click through for the rest)

Special thanks to my mum for the use of her bird bath.

Next week: The top ten FREE awesomenesses, including a surprising number of my personal favourites (and featuring the youtube video I made that now has over 12,000 hits).

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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Awesome Pics

    1. W: I was so tempted to put it as #1. . . but I keep thinking no-one can possibly find it as hilarious as I do.

      1. Lol – even I think its hilarious – but that says more about how I feel about cats than anything else 😀

      2. Ann: That makes this the one shining moment your dislike of cats and my like of same meets with mutual amusement.

      3. I’m sorry, but cats simply cannot compete with octopuses in the cuteness stakes…

      4. Ben: I don’t think it’s cuteness they’re competing for.
        And I don’t think I have enough octopi to satisfy reader demand. . .

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