Christmas on the interwebs

Christmas and New Year’s Day are two of the slowest and dullest days on the internet each year, so I’ve prepared three special blog entries just for you. Christmas Eve: Something special from the watery depths (tentacles most definitely included). Christmas Day: Top ten awesomenesses of 2011 (it turns out my year wasn’t nearly asContinue reading “Christmas on the interwebs”

#119: Eat Fish and Chips at the beach

 You know what’s cool? The ocean. You know what else is cool? Lard. Combine the two, and the world is made of magic. Guess where I am right now (or at least, as I prepare this post)? I am in a beachside cottage with my parents (who are paying for the whole thing), my nephew,Continue reading “#119: Eat Fish and Chips at the beach”

Three-Ingredient Thursday: Strawberry and Banana Milkshake

Fine. I admit it. I’m posting Thursday’s post on Wednesday. Today got away from me a bit. Also, the title might kind of give away the ingredients. Luckily, I forgot to photograph them before blending them, so here’s one photo with the final product + two of the three main ingredients. Another FABULOUS way to getContinue reading “Three-Ingredient Thursday: Strawberry and Banana Milkshake”

Three-Ingredient Thursday: Breakfast Fry-Up

Oh heck yeah. Here in Australia we call this breakfast “a fry-up”. In Britain they have “The Full English Breakfast” but I have it on reliable authority (ie, my British-born mum-in-law) that a full English breakfast must include sausages. The alternative name for this dish is “Bacon and eggs with potato”. It really does sayContinue reading “Three-Ingredient Thursday: Breakfast Fry-Up”

#163: Unusual Anniversary

Happy 113th day of Daily Awesomeness! Here are links to every awesome thing I’ve done since I began. I also included a few of my favourite photos. I put a bullet next to the ones I thought were especially awesome. Play along at home: Pick ONE awesome thing, do it, and tell us about itContinue reading “#163: Unusual Anniversary”

#141: Broadway Day

Oh what a beautiful moooooorrrrrniiiiiing! The funny thing about movies is they take a REALLY long time to watch. Especially “Oklahoma”. My friends and I watched the three-hour version (with Hugh Jackman), and it is SO not suitable for children. Wow! I think it gave me nightmares. Drugs, murder, assault, racism, and at least twoContinue reading “#141: Broadway Day”

S#29: Write to your idols

In preparation for the writing festival on the weekend, I visited the websites of most of the guest authors, and picked the five books that looked most suited to my taste – “The Ruby Talisman” by Belinda Murrell (about a modern girl who wakes up one morning next to her great-grea-great grandmother just as the FrenchContinue reading “S#29: Write to your idols”

Meringues (and cthulhu)

Welcome to July and “When Good Libraries Go Bad”. We interrupt your regular viewing to make this important safety announcement. Cthulhu: coming soon to eat a planet near you. What are they? Giant planet-eating monsters. With tentacles. (Which also tells you exactly why they appear in July’s twittertale.) Who invented them? Probably lots of people,Continue reading “Meringues (and cthulhu)”