You know you’re a mum when. . .

-you find yourself washing dishes at 3am, because you “had a spare moment”.

-ditto blogging.

-ditto brushing your teeth.

-when you lie down to sleep, a drill sergeant in your head says, “Sleep! Now! Hurry up! Stop wasting time and sleep! NOW!”

-you can eat spaghetti one-handed.

-you already have four different hairstyles that don’t require a mirror. Or a brush.

-you never cry over spilt milk – heck, you don’t even wash your shirt until it’s been a few days.

-you look at other people’s kids and think, “Boy, they look heavy.”

-personal grooming is a privilege, not a right.

-the same does not stand for personal hygeine.

-well, not on the days you leave the house, anyways.

-you miss your baby when she’s asleep.

-even crying is cute – sometimes.

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6 thoughts on “You know you’re a mum when. . .

  1. * you wonder just how many types of bodily fluids are going down the drain in the shower, and who they belong to
    * you kind of love the cheesy spit-up smell because it reminds you of cuddles
    * going to the loo on your own, without having to rush or listen to someone wailing, is a big treat
    * you try and remember why you used to need to have 8 hours sleep, 5 seems awesome now
    * you have to explain why hobbits have big hairy feet, and the earth goes around the sun, and triceratops have 3 horns, and why trees need the sun, and why dad has to go to work, and why we can’t have a pool, and why people are mean, and why God lets bad things happen, and where babies come from (this is a ‘you know you’re a mum of older kids when…’)

    fun 🙂 Thanks for the memories of babyhood, and the reminder that it wasn’t ALL horrid.

    1. PinkThistle: ROFL! What a great list. (You know it’s gonna be good when the first item involves bodily fluids.)

  2. So yes to number four it’s not even funny!!

    – when the baby makes you want to hug and strangle them at the same time

    – when you laugh and cry at the same time because you alternatively can’t take it anymore/find it too funny for words

    – when everyone except other moms say hi to the baby first…. :/


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