January 3: Bind Your Mind

Welcome to your new theme and new story, “The Spy Who Shoved Me”. (The actual tweets will appear late tonight, since my parents are posting them – China doesn’t allow twitter at this time.)

Our hero is Jimmy Bind, the lovechild of James Bond and someone even prettier.

He speaks thirty-two languages fluently (and none of them are Klingon), can shoot a thread through a needle at three hundred paces, and is so handsome 33% of women who observe him on the street faint instantly.

His tools include:

Sleeping gas pen.

Blow-up gum.

Two matchbox cars (including matches and gunpowder)

Piercing blue eyes.

A whole lot of high-quality duct tape (or gaffa, as we call it in Australia).

Published by Felicity Banks Books

I write books (mainly adventure fantasy for kids and young adults), real-time twittertales, and a blog of Daily Awesomeness. @Louise_Curtis_ and http://twittertales.wordpress.com. My fantasy ebook is on sale at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/278981.

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