“The Captain’s Daughter” full story

1 I curled my toes around the narrow foot-rope, and dug my nails into the knot tying up the sail. No good; I bite my nails too much. On the up side, my teeth are good. I leaned into the wind and pulled at the knot with my teeth. Spitting fibers, I pulled the ropeContinue reading ““The Captain’s Daughter” full story”

“Zeppelin Jack and the Deadly Dueller” full tale

For those waiting for the diet coke and mentos rocket entry. . . it’s coming. I’m going and putting it together right now. “The Captain’s Daughter” tale begins tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s the full tale of this month: 1 Marm grabbed both of us boys by the collars, but Nip wriggled away. I trudgedContinue reading ““Zeppelin Jack and the Deadly Dueller” full tale”

“Peace Hostage” complete tale

The next story, “Killer Robot Cat”, begins September 1. Yay for springtime and naughty fluffy robots! PEACE HOSTAGE 1 The boar was so close I could taste the stench of it. I pressed the butt of my spear into the rocky ground and shouted a challenge. The bleeding pig squealed and charged right onto myContinue reading ““Peace Hostage” complete tale”

When Good Libraries Go Bad (complete tale)

1 A tentacle circled my neck, squeezing the life out of me with agonizing skill. “Steve!” came Terry’s voice. “Steve! Wake up!” * I opened my eyes to Terry, leaning over me. He looked scruffy without his mind-mage robes on. “Your cthulhu nightmares suck.” “Sorry.” * We got up for breakfast. As the mind-mage, TerryContinue reading “When Good Libraries Go Bad (complete tale)”

#89: Take St John’s Wort (and complete twittertale)

On Tuesday I began taking St John’s Wort, which is a herbal remedy for anxiety, depression, or manic depression. Being herbal, it’s pretty mild – but it’s sufficently hard core that it shouldn’t be taken if you’re pregnant, trying to be  pregnant, or trying NOT to be pregnant (by which I mean that it makesContinue reading “#89: Take St John’s Wort (and complete twittertale)”

Dr Yes: Complete Story

FYI: the program of daily awesomeness begins later today. The next twittertale, “Bridezilla”, begins April 1. DR YES 1. I unclipped Yen’s handcuffs and went down on one knee under the tropical sun of her prison-island home. “My darling, will you marry me?” * “’Kay,” she said. I stood and kissed her tenderly, then ranContinue reading “Dr Yes: Complete Story”

Cloud Wars: Full Story

New story begins March 1. . . and might just feature Jimmy Bind. CLOUD WARS Wed 10 Feb “Mum! I gotta go make rain now.” “Why can’t you get a real job?” “MUM!” I switched off the comm and shot my payload into a full-looking cloud. * Since I’d cunningly forgotten to shut my lid,Continue reading “Cloud Wars: Full Story”

Day 6: Complete Story

For the Man who has Everything Sat 23 Jan My beautiful new wife gave me the “Genuine Castaway Experience For The Man Who Has Everything But Happiness.” It’s so peaceful here!  * Why won’t the monkeys stop screaming? I’m reminded of the days when I was still allowed to see my grandkids. Bad memories, asContinue reading “Day 6: Complete Story”

January 19: Complete Story of “The Spy Who Shoved Me”

PS for those who’ve kept up, I’ll post the last of the China photos at http://felicitybloomfield.wordpress.com today. THE SPY WHO SHOVED ME Sun3 The name’s Bind. Jimmy Bind. On mission to China. I can tell the flight attendant wants me diced on a tiny tray. Time for some airline food. * He comes at meContinue reading “January 19: Complete Story of “The Spy Who Shoved Me””

Daylight final day: full story

2 Oct EMO used to stand for ‘emotional’ – the teen subgroup that’s only happy to be sad. Now it’s become a disease eerily similar to vampirism. * My name’s Bell. I considered being EMO once, but then I saw a pretty butterfly and got over myself. Got bored and decided to save the world.Continue reading “Daylight final day: full story”

Worse Things Happen at Sea (whole story)

August 1. Sun. Pain. I cracked open my eyes and saw land. ‘Sol!’ I said. ‘CAPTAIN Sol,’ she said – and crumpled.   ‘We’re saved,’ I said. ‘Right? SOL!’  * Sol awoke. She sat up, unsticking her tarred hair from the deck of our stolen boat. ‘We’re sinking.’ I leapt overboard and swam to saveContinue reading “Worse Things Happen at Sea (whole story)”