Day 6: Happy Birthday Me

Really couldn’t think of anything to blog today, so made lemonade out of lemons (literally, a few hours ago). PG – violence Time for. . . The Party Story. Each person writes a bit, then scrolls down so just a word or two (mid-sentence) leads on for the next person (who doesn’t read the storyContinue reading “Day 6: Happy Birthday Me”

Day 5: Fun Facts

Time for some crocodile facts. 1. Crocodiles can outrun you – even on land. 2. Crocodiles grow up to twenty feet long. 3. Crocodiles are surprisingly stealthy – most people who are attacked never see it coming. 4. The motors of some small boats make a noise that crocodiles find incredibly interesting. 5. Crocodiles don’tContinue reading “Day 5: Fun Facts”

Day 3: Diagram

Today’s plot is so complex I believe it requires a diagram. Observant readers will clearly see the high-tension cable flinging human and attached crocodile into the air. Those of an artistic bent will see much more. The billabong (that’s Australian for “pond”) has the characteristic Australian greenish hue, while the eucalyptus is the kind thatContinue reading “Day 3: Diagram”

Day 1: Tourism

This entire story was inspired by the fact that the Northern Territory (that’s a particularly underpopulated state of Australia) has a tourist boom every time someone’s attacked by a crocodile. Clearly, our tourism ads should be about snakes, spiders and prehistoric monsters, instead of Lara Bingle. (Well, actually, now I think of it. . .)