Day 4: Flat Sharks

I visited New Zealand, and at Kelly Tarlton’s (in Auckland I think) I was able to go in the water with some sting rays – one of which was over a metre across and weighed rather a lot more than me.

(My excuse for blogging thsi today is that crocodiles and sting rays are linked via Steve Irwin.)

It was one of the most excellent experiences of my life. I learnt a little sting ray etiquette (don’t get in their way; if you step on them they will sting you by reflex ie they can’t help it) and went in. The sting rays, being familiar with the ritual (and the associated feeding), mobbed us. At one point I had two sting rays climbing me like puppies, one on my front and on on my back (both flapping as they tried to rise out of the water). Although I’m usually frightened of sea creatures, I LOVED being a sting ray sandwich.

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