Day 6: Complete Story

For the Man who has Everything Sat 23 Jan My beautiful new wife gave me the “Genuine Castaway Experience For The Man Who Has Everything But Happiness.” It’s so peaceful here!  * Why won’t the monkeys stop screaming? I’m reminded of the days when I was still allowed to see my grandkids. Bad memories, asContinue reading “Day 6: Complete Story”

Day 5: Thirst

Since our hero hasn’t found water, and it hasn’t rained, he’s in a certain amount of danger. When I lived in Indonesia, I discovered that when Indonesians say “fasting” they mean no food AND no water (although usually a “day” of fasting is only three-quarters of a day). My friend Wibi (an Indonesian man) andContinue reading “Day 5: Thirst”

Day 4: Sherlock Holmes Review

Fine. I admit it. There’s no possible connection between “Sherlock Holmes” and “For the Man Who has Everything”*. Nonetheless, here’s a review of “Sherlock Holmes”. Three words: Violent. Funny. Excellent. Visually it has exactly the beautiful, detailed darkness of the steampunk age that I hoped for. If I hadn’t just seen “Avatar”, I’d spend moreContinue reading “Day 4: Sherlock Holmes Review”

Day 3: Survival tips

Side note: In an amusing counterpoint (amusing to me, anyway), I just wrote a blog celebrating my one-year wedding anniversay over at although if the lovely hubbie gives me a “Genuine Castaway Experience” he’ll be in biiiig trouble. When it comes to water in the tropics, rain is your best bet. The best typeContinue reading “Day 3: Survival tips”

Day 2: Indonesian words you know, but don’t know you know

We’ll pretend for the sake of this blog that our hero’s location is one of the thousands of Indonesian island (a small one, clearly, and one without people). So if he discovers anyone, these words may be useful. Sorta. (‘C’ is pronounced ‘ch’ and ‘r’ is slightly rolled, and voila! You speak Indonesian.) Food: apelContinue reading “Day 2: Indonesian words you know, but don’t know you know”

Day 1: Coconuts

Hello and welcome to a new theme and a new tale – the shortest so far. (In February stories will begin to tend toward a one-month length.) Today’s blog is all about coconuts. Coconut milk is recommended if you have food poisoning, because it’s packed with sugary hydration (and it’s delicious – young coconut milkContinue reading “Day 1: Coconuts”