Dr Yes: Spy Car from U.N.C.L.E.

I never saw the show this car is from (and it only appeared in a few episodes), but I like to think the girl comes with it.

The vehicle had many mock features, including flame throwers, machine guns, rocket lauchers, laser beams, a radar screen, parachute, and various hidden interior devices. It even had operating marine propellers, but the car was not amphibious.

Note the rocket launcher tubes in the gullwing doors.

One of the teensy problems with the car was getting in and out (like THAT’S important).

“You should have seen Stephanie try to get in and out in a skirt in those days” said George Lehr, associate producer of the series. “Trying to get up over that step and into the gullwing (door opening) in a hurry was a feat. She told us ‘You guys are crazy’.”

The car is now owned by a fan of the show.

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