Dr Yes: Are you a heroic sidekick?

I’ve written a new kind of personality test – whether a person is a hero type or a heroic sidekick. I’m in the beginning stages of designing a much more interactive web site for my stories, and this is part of it. I need test monkeys… and that’s where YOU come in.

Please answer the questions with true or false, then put your results in the comments (along with any actual comments about the test and what you think of it). I’ll give you your personality breakdown shortly.

Hero or Heroic Sidekick?

True or False (or Neither)

1. Life without a purpose is not worth living.

2. If no-one tells me what to do, nothing much gets done.

3. I don’t mind letting someone else make the decisions.

4. I love motivating people.

5. I can handle a tough boss more easily than a tough employee.

6. I don’t like being given responsibility.

7. I make life interesting.

8. I enjoy life for what it is.

9. When my friends want something unusual, I make it happen.

10. People enjoy having me around.

11. If a job isn’t meaningful to me, I resign.

12. I struggle with my boss/es regularly.

13. I almost always get on with people. It’s not hard for me.

14. I don’t suffer fools gladly.

15. I am a natural leader.

16. I will fight to the death for something I believe in.

17. I don’t worry about the future.

18. I’m easily satisfied.

19. I am brave (or possibly stupid).

20. I am a peaceful person (or possibly lazy).

21. I suspect I’m difficult to live with.

22. If I was any more laid back, I’d be dead.

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One thought on “Dr Yes: Are you a heroic sidekick?

  1. You can probably work out yourself which questions are heroic and which are heroic sidekick questions. If you’re a heroic sidekick, be careful who you follow – and continue enjoying your life for what it is. If you’re a hero, be good to your friends (you need them more than they need you), and use your powers for good. Heroes and villains are exactly the same thing.

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