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This blog is going to go through some changes in the next few months.

First, I’ll be launching a “proper” author page, with interactive stuff and links to stories and so on (that’ll take a while).

Second, I read such a brilliant post here: http://steffmetal.com/101-ways-to-cheer-yourself-up/ that I’ve decided to do every single thing on the list (with the possible exception of a hot air balloon ride) and blog about it. I’ll fill it out with a list of my own (which I already have), with other online lists of similar bent (most of which are sappy, so I’ll leave out anything that annoys me), and with suggestions from you at home. I’ll still sometimes link to amazing things online, or write other interesting blog posts, but that’ll be the main focus of the blog for at least. . . probably 6-12 months. It’ll probably start in May, since there are a lot of cool links for the next twitter tale (April’s tale is about a jilted bride who becomes a con artist).

Have a fun and foolish suggestion you’d like to make me do?

Write it in the comments, and I’ll probably embrace it.

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I write books (mainly adventure fantasy for kids and young adults), real-time twittertales, and a blog of Daily Awesomeness. @Louise_Curtis_ and http://twittertales.wordpress.com. My fantasy ebook is on sale at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/278981.

6 thoughts on “Dr Yes: Making Every Day Awesome

  1. I’m going to eat sushi (which I hate) while watching anime. . . yes.

    I’m going to wear unusual outfits (I’m not even sure what bondage pants are). . . yes.

    And yes. . . horror of horrors. . . I’m going to ride in a hot air balloon!!

  2. I get the impression you don’t like heights……

    As for things you could do, I haven’t got anything right now….. But I’m working on it 😀

    1. I’m more scared of crowds (or any social interaction) than heights. Heights don’t especially bother me – as long as they don’t cost much to attain 🙂


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