#90: Write a letter to my future self

Yay! It’s time to begin the saga of daily awesomeness. The concept is simple: I do something awesome every day, and blog about it. For a year. My total list is already well over 200, and I’m sure to think of more awesome things along the way (suggestions VERY welcome).

I’ll still write twittertale-related things each Friday (including the weekly story so far – plus the complete story on whatever day that story finishes – including today if you scroll down).

Today I’m writing a letter to my future self – specifically, a letter to the me I’ll be roughly a year from now.

Here’s roughly what I’ll be doing for the first little while (S indicates it’s from Steff Metal’s blog):

#90: Write a letter to my future self (making a note to ensure I read it in one year).

S#53: Be a tourist in my own city.

S#98: Embrace a culture I know nothing about.

#96: Sew something.

#108 Guerilla Gardening (inspired by http://www.yesandyes.org/).

S#64: SECRET NUMBER ONE (it’s secret because my husband will LOVE it – he is currently forbidden to read the Steff Metal list http://steffmetal.com/101-ways-to-cheer-yourself-up/).

S#13: Bubble bath.

#109: Cook a whole meal of one colour.

I’ll keep telling you more as I go along! But yes. . . there will be sushi, suspenders, midnight snacks, horseriding, more secret items, and a hot air balloon ride.

Here’s a visual diary of many hours of colour-coding (for difficulty level and expense) and sorting into which items need to be done soon, late, in Winter, etc.

Play along at home: Pick something off the list, and do it yourself this week. Then, if you dare, share the results.


25 March 2010

Dear Future Louise,

There’s just one question I have to ask right away: have you been accepted for publication yet? If you’ve gone yet another year without a major acceptance, I don’t know what to say except that truly sucks, and I’m sorry. Go eat chocolate, stat!

It was hot today, but not too hot. I’m starting to like autumn. In the past it’s always been a season of dread as Winter approaches. But now I understand why people like it. It’s honestly pleasant. And pretty.

How’s married life? You’ll have been married over two years now. I have a theory that the first two years are the years that your happy biology chemicals help you through. After that, you’re REALLY married. What do you think?

How are you mentally? Is your anxiety disorder getting better? Do you still get headaches all the time? Are you still afraid to go to work? Do you still panic on special occasions, and are you still afraid of crowds and/or shopping centres?

What advice would you give me if you could write to me? Would you tell me to avoid this new blog system of daily awesomeness, because it’s just too hard – or because it horribly backfires a month from now – or because it’s too expensive? Or would you tell me it was the best decision I ever made?

Good luck. . .


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