#142: Reverse Burglary

Today’s awesomeness was sneaky. I broke into the home of a friend and, instead of stealing from them, I added two items to their home.

1) A large stick of hard candy that says, “Your souvenir of Blackpool”.

2) A jar of lollies with my victim’s name as the brand name. 

But I hid them.

What is more, I fixed up the house before I left (not that I broke it, exactly), so there’s absolutely no sign of my passing (unless he/she looks in just the right place).

He/she is a person who reads my blog, so who is it?

My mum and dad?

My mum-in-law?

My partner (which would make breaking in somewhat easier)?


Ben, the Master of Sarcasm (who suggested this)?


My cousin Jolyon?

My artist friend whose name starts with E?

One of my students (four of them visit this blog, and their initials are LD, SK, CT and PJ)?

Steff Metal?

Each day I’ll give a clue, until YOU OUT THERE find the evidence of my crime and write a comment to say so. (Be advised that it’s possible I had an accomplice.)

Alternatively, you can all scour your entire house from top to bottom, find absolutely nothing, and write a comment to complain that I’ve made you paranoid. It’s all fun from where I’m standing. (Yes, I’m a terrible friend/tutor. I know.)

First clue: It’s not my cousin – he lives in America and I don’t know anyone who lives near him.

Play along at home: Sneak lollies into a friend’s home (if you’re like me, you have enough of a criminal mind to know where they keep their spare key/which window they leave open/their landlord’s trusting nature/which door doesn’t lock properly, etc – otherwise, pay them a visit and commit the crime when they’re out of the room).

Coming soon: Secret # 6 is progressing semi-smoothly. I plan to post the results on either Thursday (yes, tomorrow) or Sunday.

I’ll also (in the next little while) Make a collage, Edit a friend’s novel, and Try, try again.

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5 thoughts on “#142: Reverse Burglary

  1. It’s me, isn’t it? You could have at least said hello on your way through…

    1. D’oh! I KNEW I’d forgotten people in that list.

      Yes, I admit it. It was you. I got to know a nice Chinese street vendor while I was there, bought them a telephone, called them yesterday and, after a brief discussion in fluent Mandarin, asked if they’d break into your house and leave some “Nick’s” lollies there. They were curiously enthusiastic about the whole thing. . .

      *note for people who aren’t Nick: this is not a plausible scenario*

  2. Hmmm…. unless you have discovered how to pick locks, I am pretty certain that it wasn’t me. I vote for someone who’s related too you!

  3. Well… I’m certainly an option… There is always the possibility that i wouldn’t notice. 🙂

  4. It can’t be me, seeing as I’m allergic to almost all lollies and you have a key so it would not be breaking in.

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