#144: Three days without junk food

As the minimally observant would have picked up by now, I have a weakness for chocolate. So this week I picked three days, and went absolutely without chocolate, lollies, or any kind of junk food.

(Most of this week’s entries were done a while ago, knowing “Three days without junk food” was coming up.)

I drank a glass of diet coke each morning to minimise the side-effects of caffeine withdrawal (headaches, shaking etc – seriously).

Within hours I was freaking out. I cried more than once a day – once in a public place. It was extremely difficult to keep myself from bashing my head against things. I made some odd decisions for no apparent reason. But I did it. And I’m going to do it again next week, and keep doing it until I am a little less weak, and can consistently eat chocolate in moderation.

This isn’t so much a moment of “Daily Awesomeness” as a much-needed lifestyle change.

PS: Today technically IS next week, and this week’s three days without junk went really well. It’s not easy or quick, but I have reached the point now where I can comprehend a life of moderate eating. That’s pretty amazing.

Tomorrow: S#41: Wear a Mask

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