S#75: Build a Fort

Step 1: Oust previous occupants of land.

Step 2: Build Fort (with awesome weighting and entrance facilities).

Step 3: Open skylight (somewhat easier with a glass-topped table like this one).

Step 4: Allow previous occupants to destroy your new home (it’s only fair). As happens ominously often, this rule applies equally well to either pets or children.

Step 5: Repeat as needed.

Play along at home: Self-explanatory – but this is one of those rare times being short (which I’m not) is an advantage. So if you’re under six feet, it’s your duty to yourself to BUILD A FORT next time you feel you could use some defence against the world.

Tomorrow: Seeing “Iron Man 2” (which I’m actually seeing tonight :P)

Thursday: Guest post

Side note: Under torture, my friend Ben confessed today that he discovered my acts of reverse burglary “like, two weeks ago” but he “just wanted to see how desperately obvious you would get.”

I’ve been got.

In other news, no РSecret # 6 has not yet been and gone. I am still waiting for a rather. . . specific (shall we say) item to arrive.

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