S#70: Light a Fire

Fire. It creates heat and light, and makes food taste better (and kill you from food poisoning way less often). It’s romantic, it’s primeval, and it’s even more strangely compelling than daytime TV.

Last weekend CJ and I went to a party. The vast majority of my friends are geeks (especially fantasy and computer geeks), but this friend is a petrolhead. He owns a 72 Monaro, and he and his girlfriend are fascinated by all things mechanical. At the same party there was a beautifully-kept 64 Valiant (which will mean a very great deal to some readers – I confess, it WAS beautiful), a two-person bike steered with a stick, and another bike with off-centre wheels (which literally bounces as you ride it – my friend made it just for fun).

Naturally, with so much manly energy about, fire happened. I confess I rather enjoyed watching the men take on ironically deep voices and advise each other on the best wood, structure, etc. (I LIKE men.) Unlike so many similar scenes, this fire caught immediately and burned well.

Best of all, it was wonderfully warm.

Play along at home: Light a fire. You know you want to. All you really need is matches and paper. Or, if you’re truly slack, a candle. But I recommend burning more than that. (Side note: When I finished uni, I celebrated by burning all my text books and toasting marshmallows over the flames. I highly recommend you do the same.)

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  1. Wait… you like Men?

    The why the Hell do you hang around with us…?

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