#122: Hummus Hat Trick

My blender hates me.

It’s sad, when I love my blender so much. But it’s true. It’s skulking in the corner of the kitchen bench right now, glaring at the wall. It won’t even look at me in case I get ideas.

He’s overworked, I know. Hummus was the third thing I made him make this week (after a huge pile of soup and a delicious citrus thing), and it’s only fair that he wants to retire. Or maybe become a toaster (I practically never use the toaster).

It was the hummus that really made him mad. I found a recipe with no tahini (sesame paste), because I didn’t have any tahini. That left olive oil, lemon juice, cumin, garlic, a whole lot of chickpeas, and an unspecified quantity of water.

I chucked them all in the blender and pushed the relevent button – callously disregarding specific instructions about liquid content.

Sound the blender makes when blending juice:


Sound the blender makes when blending soup:

thk thk thk whirrrrr

Sound the blender makes when blending hummus:




It’s possible I should have added more water.

The hummus was delicious, though. And it stays fresh for a week, so I’m eating some every day.

Gandalf is visibly recovering from Sherlock’s attacks (for those new to the blog: hi! Welcome! They’re fish).

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2 thoughts on “#122: Hummus Hat Trick

  1. The easiest way to blend soup is definitely the stick blender. I used to borrow my mum’s and eventually got my own – so easy and can be washed up in a flash. Roley and I took tahini to Beijing as one of Nick’s close friends wanted to make hommus.

    1. I passionately hated my mum’s stick blender – probably because I never used it, but only washed it up (after everything had dried into the tiny cracks in the plastic). This is probably why I rinse a lot of things as I good – graters, colanders, and of course the blender.

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