#170: Win a blog award

Yesterday I wandered past http://emmylennevald.blogspot.com/ and was delighted to see my own blog on the receiving end of the Versatile Blogger Awards. This award is one bloggers give each other, which makes it a special kind of award (the kind that doesn’t pay, but that’s neither here nor there).

Rule 1: Thank the person who gave you this award.

Thank you Emmy. Next time I’m hoovering in a bear costume, I’ll think of you.

Rule 2Share 7 things about yourself.

1. My biological father is (most likely) in jail (again – he uses his computer skills to steal money, and has done so over and over again since before I existed). When I say “my Dad” you can assume I’m talking about the guy who married my mother and raised me since I was two. I don’t remember the first one, since he left when I was six months old. (Last I heard, my grandmother had spotted his name in a newspaper article saying he’d been arrested again.)

2. My phobias include noses (I don’t even like to type or say that word), weddings, sick animals, and people noticing me. This is why I wear a cloak of invisibility at all times.

3. I like the oxford comma (it’s the optional one just before the “and” in # 2).

4. I once wrote a 50,000 word book in three days. (My little fingers were really sore.)

5. I quite frequently have dreams that I’m attracted to women as well as men (*cough* hi mum. how’s things? breathing okay? good)

6. I am 175cm tall (about five foot nine). This is handy for tripping over things, looking out of place almost anywhere, and upping the national number-of-citizens-who-bashed-their-head-on-something daily average. I have converted this weakness into a strength by mocking short people at every opportunity. (And a shout-out to my oompa looma friends, Ben and Fay*! Here’s to you, kids!)

7. I am currently reading the Caiphas Cain books by Sandy Mitchell. They’re sort of really bad (set in a computer-game world, ugh), but sort of really good (excellent voice). I read several books each week, usually YA speculative fiction.

Rule 3Pass the award along to 7 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic.

Leaving out those Emmy mentioned, here’s mine (they’re G-rated, as far as I know, unless I say differently):

http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/ very funny

http://steffmetal.com M-rated (some artsy nudity or adult themes, etc) – I am so not into metal, but Steff writes so well I follow her daily – she’s also the source of many of my awesome activities (as indicated by an “s” in the title).

http://donmilleris.com/ PG for overt Christianity. This is a guy with many issues, who mocks himself while mentioning legitimate ways to make the world better. I’m often startled (pleasantly) by his insights. He’s a NY Times bestselling author.

http://ripping-ozzie-reads.com/ – A blog shared by many excellent Aussie writers, with news and advice for writers. What a writing group!

http://www.galadarling.com/ M-rated (some artsy nudity or adult themes) Gala has the opposite personality to me, in every possible good way.

http://cba-ramblings.blogspot.com/ – A Christian literary agent who is extraordinarily kind and informative to her many wannabe-writer followers.

http://www.sarahwilson.com.au/ – you may have seen her in the Sunday paper. Nothing too heavy, but comfy and pleasant.

Rule 4Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

I shall.

Coming soon:

Amusing wedding photos

Wear jeans

Unusual anniversary (it’ll be links to every single awesome thing so far, plus my favourite pictures)

Three-Ingredient Thursday: Breakfast (I think; suggestions welcome)

And, naturally, much more!

Here’s today’s library pic. Wear a napkin, bibliophiles. And keep an eye out for C.S. You never know when he’ll attack. . .

Once again, this is a reproduction of Candida Hofer’s Thames&Hudson book of beautiful libraries (pass your mouse over the picture to see which library it is):

Because it’s practically colonial to have just one world globe.

*Please don’t kill me with a baguette

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7 thoughts on “#170: Win a blog award

  1. Hey cuz,

    Back in the US now. Was good to catch up with you while I was in Canberra 🙂 (wave hi to CJ for me)

    I remember a long time ago – it would have been back when I was about 14, I think, you made an offhanded remark to me, “You know we’re not actually related, right?” (or words to that effect). I can’t remember my response at the time. I do remember later thinking “Huh?”, and forming the hazy impression that you and your siblings might have been adopted (which I have, incidentally, carried with me to this day). I never found a tactful way to ask for clarification, and so I never asked at all. Now I’ve gotten a little bit more of the story 🙂 (and perhaps you can send me a private message to lay my mind at rest)

      1. I recently changed the icons so everyone gets their own monster. Do you like it? (Who DOESN’T like a deformed cthulhu?)

        It was good to see you. Enjoy the US.

        My mum married, had my older bro and me, then the guy left. She remarried and had my sister. Thus, I am not technically related to my new father’s side of the family (although the brother and I were legally adopted when I was extremely young). Does that explain everything, or was there something else you wanted to know? It’s roughly everything I know myself.


      2. That’s all, I think. No more mysteries. You’re still my cuz, though 😉

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