S#30: Read outside (and, selling jewellery)

Today I took Garth Nix’s “Seventh Tower” fantasy series to a grassy area to read, adding to the gentle awesomeness with an entire backpack of lollies (I am in post-travel recovery mode at present, rather than jumping into a diet right away). I took Ana, who is a lot less confident when she’s outside.

She sat close by, her fur ruffled by the wind:

She ventured down and sniffed suspiciously at the unfamiliar grass:

She beat that scary grass into submission:

She courageously wandered farther afield:

And she bolted back to safety:

CJ and I have had my inherited jewellery valued (only in general terms so far – the more specific valuing will take a while). Here’s the good stuff, worth between $50 and $300 (can you tell which is which?) The plain silver ring is my wedding ring – all the rest is for sale, so if you are interested email me on fellissimo at hotmail dot com. I’ll tell you exactly how much it’s valued at as soon as I know.

The most valuable pieces are the sapphire and diamond ring on my index finger (I have the $200 receipt for it, so that wasn’t a surprise), the ring on the next finger with four real emeralds (and possibly small diamonds between them), the yellow pendant in my hand (worth at least $200), and the golden bracelet (which is actually gold, but dented and hollow – in perfect condition it’d be $800, but it’s worth much MUCH less than that now). The green necklace and bracelet are jade, the ring is a gold wedding ring (there’s another, broken one not pictured here which is good for someone to melt down). One of the rings on my wedding finger has five different gemstones in it – all real. The large stone is still a mystery. I also have a necklace made of large pieces of amber (which for some reason I didn’t photograph, but I can send you a photo if you’re interested). Most of these will end up on ebay sometime this year.

The centre of the large opal ring looks cloudy, and it needs cleaning. Other than that, they’re all in fine condition, and several of the bands are gold.

Like I said, if you’re interested in buying any, send me an email on fellissimo at hotmail dot com, or simply make a comment on this entry (and I’ll automatically get your email address without anyone else seeing it).

And here’s another terrifying true story making “Killer Robot Cat” look like a mild-mannered documentary:


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