#206: Be Immature

Yes, yes I know: That title sums up so much of this blog.


CJ and I and my friend and her partner walked to the shops one night and my friend decided that what my blog needed was to have us climb a ten foot high rope tower at a children’s playground. Despite wearing my usual ankle-length skirt and no shoes, I agreed. Her partner filmed as CJ watched – we didn’t actually know we were being filmed. The Brennan that we mention is five years old.

Yep, that’s attractive.

The boys then showed us how it was done (ie, with shoes and without squealing).

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.

And, some steampunk pics:

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6 thoughts on “#206: Be Immature

  1. Mmmm, fun fun =) Please say hi to Michael East for me – I haven’t seen him in years!


    1. I dunno who Michael East is, sorry Jolyon. The gentleman who taped this has the initials DB, and I’ve known him a long time.

      1. Hrmm… You mean to say that the handsome bloke in the bottom photo here is a complete unknown to you? He was also in your Oct 3rd entry…

      2. Jolyon: I’ll let him know you said that. He is not a Michael, East or otherwise. I know both his first and last name, and see him often. On this blog (and indeed in real life), he is called Cupcake ever since the nicknaming entry.

    1. Jolyon: The really odd thing is that CJ knows Michael (I don’t), but hasn’t seem him in ages.

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