#220: Wear $12,000 worth of jewellery

Yep. I wore it.

This is me thinking, “I wonder where that $1000 bill went? Perhaps I was using it as a bookmark again.”

So. . . drum roll please. . . . how much is the amber necklace worth? What was the most expensive piece (take a look at this picture and hazard a guess).

There was no way I could put on the gold bracelet, so I made up the difference (and then some) with my engagement and wedding ring.

From least to most valuable, with a fantastically sellable spread of value, here they all are:

$195 sterling silver

$250 amber

$295 9ct gold plating

$350 citrine and gold

$390 flourite and rose gold

$450 amethyst and gold

$500 jadeite and rose gold

$500 garnet and gold

$590 Emerald and diamond, white and yellow gold

$600 amethyst, peridot, citrine, blue topaz, and garnet in gold

$600 amethyst and gold

$600 Citrine and gold

$800 sapphire, diamond and gold

$850 Citrine and gold

$895 Opal, marcasite, and sterling silver

$1000 diamond and gold

And the winner is. . . . .

$2400 Black diamond and gold

Everything’s on ebay with a minimum of 80% of the value. We’ll see how that goes in the next couple of weeks.

There is NO BLOG tomorrow, since it’s Steampunk Earth Day and I won’t be using the computer, internet, phone, TV, or lights. (A friend will post the Zeppelin Jack tweets for me.)

On Sunday, I’ll make up for lost time with the diet coke and mentos accidental rocket video.

Here’s a fun faux news article on killer robots. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/10/14/robot_rampage/

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8 thoughts on “#220: Wear $12,000 worth of jewellery

  1. Nice – that one was unexpected! I’m glad that the ugly amber was actually at the bottom of the list….. Something that unattractive (and looking so fake) would have been a major disappointment 😀

  2. Interesting… Interesting…

    Oh, and in entirely unrelated matters, what times won’t you be home tomorrow?
    …Oh, and can I borrow that Balaclava…?

    (P.S. – You do realise the Robot thing is a real News story, right?)

    1. Ben: You’ll notice the photos of the jewellery aren’t taken in our house – since we don’t have a good enough safe. (Amusingly, I’m pretty sure the jewellery is worth more than anything else in that particular friend’s safe.)

  3. Mmm. A very tasteful black diamond and gold. I heartily approve.

    Good luck with the ebaying!

    1. Thanks, Jolyon. Before I know the black diamond’s value, it was ugly. Now it’s definitely pretty, tasteful, and stylish.

      1. That expensive one’s the one I liked. I have good (or perhaps just expensive) taste.

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