S#9: Laugh

For today’s awesomeness I watched Bill Bailey’s “Cosmic Jam”. Right now the song “Human Slaves in an Insect Nation” is in my head. I love that Bailey used to play piano in a restaurant – hating every minute, and eventually getting fired. I also love that he’s weird and funny and (mostly) clean – and that it’s clear he just loves his life. I can’t remember much but incoherent snippets from the DVD, although I do recall that marijuana featured every few moments.

Oh! And a piece of advice: “Never take powerful hallucinogens and then go to the supermarket.”

Thanks Bill.

From comminfo.rutgers.edu, here’s. . . something:



Oh! And we finally sold one of the pieces of jewellery – enough to definitely stave off crisis for at least a week. Yay!


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  1. He has a new dvd out, just to let you know 🙂 Although tonight we opted for Ricky Gervais – Science (the language is too rough for my liking, but that was part of his point so…)

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