#235: Christmas Decorations

December is here! Finally! Time to stop whining about how the shops have been decorating since October – time to stop beating them, and join them.

My mum collects nativities (yes, really) and has one in every single room in the house, including the toilet. Not counting the ones hanging on the Christmas tree, there’s at least half a dozen in the living room alone.

So I have a small tribute to her in the bathroom this year.

We don’t technically have a tree, but we make do (the first is a cat in a stocking).

I will be writing another sarcastic Christmas letter this year, and posting it on Christmas Day (or very close to it).

In the meantime, go thee and get kitch. Spend too much, eat too much, and wonder why, at 28 years of age, I still can’t get to sleep on Christmas Eve.

From artobserved.com, a Biblical Rembrandt – an appropriate pirate pic (since I’m typing hastily as we’re about to have a massive storm. The wind has dropped to nothing, the sky is purple, and the clouds are rumbling – but the first drop hasn’t yet fallen).

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10 thoughts on “#235: Christmas Decorations

  1. I have to get to that decorating thing sometime soon… I still cringe whenever I hear christmas carols though. Is that just me?

    1. Jolyon: It’s not just you. A whole month (or several) of being told to be sappy and happy makes everyone angry.

    1. Ben: Indeed. And CJ. I have brief moments of Christmas spirit. It helps that all my Christmas decorations fit in one easy-to-reach, easy-to-unpack box.

      1. In my defence, I do think that October is too early for the shops to be decorating. Even early November is pushing it.

      2. CJ: Agreed. December should stay in December. The whatever.scalzi.com blog posted a few days ago about how annoyed November must feel.

  2. My housemate, who you know, is going with Cupcake to the big Christmas decoration warehouse this weekend. I expect decorating will be occurring soon.

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