#239: Facing the Paint

I’m a familiar face at church (despite my increasingly rare attendance due to dieting making me extra-crazy), so when four face-painters weren’t enough for the tiny crowd, I was asked to help.

I am no artist, but one thing I can do is pretend to be confident. Thus, carefully restraining myself from utterances like, “Whoops! Your face now looks like &@#)$!”, and “Oh dear, I’m so sorry” and, “I’m sure it washes off”, and “Erm. . . can it be an EVIL fairy?” I dived into the fray.

The point at which it became fun (observe the smile of eeeevvvviiiiillll):

“Now just hold still, my little man. This won’t hurt a bit.”

Oh, sorry. Did you guys want to see HIS adorable Christmassy face?


Double aww with blood-soaked teeth and a figgy pudding on top.

NB: The child did actually request this face.

The afternoon was made even better by the way the woman painting next to me was saying, “It’s not too late. I can still change you from a skull into a puppy. A nice, fluffy puppy. No? Okay. . .”

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6 thoughts on “#239: Facing the Paint

  1. Ingenious!
    Now the kid with a face painted like a predatory bird will attack his FAKE eyes!

    1. Ben: I particularly like that I accidentally painted the fake eyes so they face a little bit sideways. Yeah.

    1. Ben: Maybe if I’d cut off the boy’s ear I’d never have to work again. Ah well. There’s always next year.

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