#105: New cat toy

For Christmas, my parents gave me not one but two cat toys.

Indah was unimpressed.

Ana is a different creature. She likes to kill, kill, kill.

She also likes to lurk, then kill. Then lurk some more.

Once the killing was done, she was able to chillax (purring loudly).

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6 thoughts on “#105: New cat toy

  1. Mmm, what fun. I don’t quite understand why we enjoy torturing our pets so, but it is certainly most entertaining. Perhaps I just answered my own question. By the way, that dress looks lovely on you. Of course, coming from me, who is currently wearing a bright yellow t-shirt on top of a blue-on-blue striped thermal top, that comment may not imply what it seems at face value. I’ll leave you to decide that however.

    Yes, I just got internet access again for the first time in four days. I had a backlog to catch up on! (And yes, I understand the desire for comments! Comments make you feel loved!)

    1. Jolyon: Yes, I notice you’ve commented on three different posts today. Welcome back to the internet 🙂

  2. *gushes* Aaaah-woozha-woozha-woozh!

    I like the way Ana does a very nonchalant attack: ATTACK! *whistle innocently* ATTAAAAAACK! NOMNOMNOM! *wander off and pretend it never happened*

    1. W: I also love how she grows more paranoid by the day. Nothing to do with me, I’m sure.

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