S#4: Share the cookie wuv

This was one of those times when I used my skills of interpretation. The task of today’s awesomeness (from steffmetal.com) was to take a batch of cookies to the “local metal bar”.

I interpreted “local metal bar” as “parents house”. it might sound like a leap, but check out this individual:



-has a skull tattoo

-has crazy hair

-has crazy eyes

-is topless

-began cross-dressing* immediately after this photo was taken.

-flails a LOT

I was going to cook meringues but Mum** wanted me to cook cake instead. So I did.

I know, I know – it looks like I just vomited onto a plate. I promise it was actually chocolate cake, and rather good too.

*ie, she wore a blue onesie.

**er. . . the band?

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7 thoughts on “S#4: Share the cookie wuv

  1. All the best chocolate cakes are messy.

    Ooh! New challenge, if you want to put it in – eating cake with chopsticks (best done as a team)!

    1. Ann: It’s next Monday at my place. Dinner at 7pm, then cake, then you can leave and we’ll talk christian stuff (not that you’re not welcome to stay).

    1. Ann: Lol! I melted chocolate, mixed it with cream (the cream was cold, which was the main issue), poured it over the cake, and sprinkled pink margarita-rim sugar on top.

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