#258: Cake and Chopsticks

This was so cool!

Inspired by being told that Chinese people eat cake with chopsticks, reader W suggested that I do the same. Since I ended up with a decent bunch of people at my house last night (my Indonesian uncle had sushi for the first time), I ordered them all to obey yet another peculiar whim “for the internet” (my aunt took photos and giggled).

The “Before” shot:

The moment we all dived in:

Matters devolved more or less instantly:

The Gentleman On The Left (or GOTL) was evidently not someone who had chosen to use chopsticks often in his life. He more than made up for the lack of experience, however, by choosing to believe he could invent better chopstick techniques than those favoured by hundreds of years of tradition.

When the cake was largely vanished (ie, after a few moments), the GOTL realised that he had made rather more of a mess than the rest of us.

It was at that moment he discoved that a single chopstick is super handy for flicking chunks of cake to other parts of the table.

Battle commenced at once.

At last it was all over, and time for the “After” shot.

“Quick everyone,” I said, “look innocent.”

You can judge our success for yourself.

The event was also blogged about at http://sorryihaveaheadache.blogspot.com/2011/01/cake-and-chopsticks.html

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