S#10: Trim

Today’s awesomeness was all about making boring clothes exciting. If you interpret clothes with holes in as “exciting” and interpret plain, functional clothing as “boring” then I precisely reversed today’s mission. Which is sort of like doing it, right?

I started the day with two basketfuls of miscellaneous sewing rubbish from under my desk.

I ended the day having reduced the useless rubbish in my home by one basket. I also discovered three items of clothing that don’t appear to have anything wrong with them; fixed a pair of long black gloves; donated a jacket to charity; and fixed one of my infamous ankle-length skirts (which I’m wearing right now).

Having accidentally deleted the “before” photo, here instead is a picture of an unrelated basket.

No, she’s not for sale. Not never.

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    1. Maggie: I know! I named her “Princess Ana” after one of my characters, and it’s certainly appropriate (except when she drinks from the toilet. . . and that’s just weird).

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