#266: Late-night ice cream run

I don’t actually need to write this entry at all since I feel certain you’re all sitting at your computer/phone, nodding in agreement.

I hear you. Late-night ice cream runs are, by their very nature, awesome.

This one was more awesomer. First, because there was a group of us going. Second, because it was the legendary Cold Rock Ice Cream company, which has just opened in Canberra (in Gungahlin, my Canberra peeps). So bundling the four of us into our cars and driving over there just before they closed felt naughty, and silly, and special – arguably the three most necessary ingredients of the best awesomenesses.

If you’re not familiar with Cold Rock Ice Cream, here’s how it works:

Step One: Decide to go – just because you can.

Step Two: Walk in. Pause. Gibber.

Step Three: Choose an ice cream flavour (see Step Two). I was torn between Baileys and English Toffee, but eventually chose Cake Batter. CJ chose Rocky Road.

Step Four: Choose add-ins from a wide range of popular chocolate and lolly varieties including Ferrero Rocher, Sour Gummy Worms, Skittles, Maltesers, Caramello Koalas, and MANY more (see Step Two). I chose Cookie Dough, Mint Freddo Frog, and Crunchie Bar. CJ chose Chocolate Fudge, strawberries (the real fruit kind), and a Bounty Bar.

Step Five: Explain why you’re taking photos as your assistant puts a chunk of your selected ice cream flavour onto a wide stone bench that is cold (see name of store).

Step Six: Watch in awe as your assistant smashes up your selection of candy and expertly folds it into the ice cream.

Step Seven: Take blurry photos of the final product due to overexcitement.

Step Eight: Nom nom.

Some general advice:

1. Don’t get a large size. Trust me on this one.

2. Choose your genre of fruit, sweet, sour, or mixed carefully. Also be advised that some things – Skittles, Sour Worms, Gummi Bears – don’t smash up, and others, like Cookie Dough or Fudge, tend to flatten rather than fracture.

3. Stay calm. There are suggestions on the wall if you really can’t make up your mind.

4. More than three add-ins tends to overwhelm the otherwise elegant symphony of flavour.

5. If you’re at Cold Rock for the first time, ignore # 4 and # 1.


Anyone wondering why I’m wearing a Regency dress? There is actually a reason, and it’s not “coz I felt like it”.

You’ll find out the truth on Tuesday.

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5 thoughts on “#266: Late-night ice cream run

  1. *Warning* this may ruin our friendship.

    Thanks for not including me in this one. I really can’t stand Cold Rock! It’s just another way to ruin good icecream. That said, Baskins do much better icecream, and I’d rather get a good gelato any day….. Mmmmmmmm blood orange gelato with chocolate gelato, now THAT is my idea of heaven!!!!

    1. Ann: Our friendship survived your love of Brian Jacques and your neutral reaction to “Firefly”. It can survive anything.

  2. I hear that ‘Cold Rock’ has also opened in Erindale which is a whole lot closer for you!

    1. Barbara: LOL! We had no idea. Hopefully I won’t go there anytime in the next long while all the same.

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