#275: Fancy-Pants Restaurant

It’s not a holiday if you don’t spend way too much on sweeeeettt delicious fooooooodd. During our second honeymoon, CJ and I ate at the Merimbula RSL club, the Seabreeze Cafe (really nice battered fish), the Wharf Restaurant and Aquarium (I had the duck, and it was insanely delicious), and Wheelers Oyster Farm and Restaurant. This is Wheelers. It’s a beautiful building with lots of wood, glass, and stone. CJ drank a strongbow cider, and I had a raspberry lemonade. Can you guess what I ordered from my cutlery? And here it is. . . our appetiser. That’s what a mixed half dozen of cooked oysters looks like. Now here’s the thing: My Mum LOVES oysters, but she always eats them uncooked. It had never occurred to me to eat cooked oysters until I looked at the menu at Wheelers.

Those three oysters were the greatest oysters – the greatest three mouthfuls – of my life. If ever there was a time for florid prose, it was here. I carefully didn’t drink anything between the two courses – I just sat, quietly feeling the three flavours mingle like old friends. Then it was time to move on. But where to go from there? CJ had fish and chips. I had. . . Mmm. . . eyeballs. Inside the mound of food and sauce were three crabs that I slowly but surely broke open and ate. It was epic. The aftermath: We considered eating dessert – which of course would have been excellent – but I’m a purist when it comes to junk food (I look at the average chocolate cake and say, “Not enough lard!”) Thus, we bought candy for dessert on our way home. But I still remember my old friends Singapore, Rocky, and Plumrick. Don’t worry boys – we’ll meet again.

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4 thoughts on “#275: Fancy-Pants Restaurant

  1. You know that candy is a crude americanism that should not be tolerated in the Australian dialect right? For us, its lollies!!!!!! Different even to our British forebears who had ‘sweets’…..

    But I must say, that crab looks good. This year, I’m buying myself a mudcrab for Christmas even if Mum try’s to tell me that its cruel to tease my food!!!! (I cant help it – watching their eyes follow you around on their stalks just demands you play with them!!)

    1. Ann: Patriotic, and deeply sick. You can tell we’re friends (I’m gonna keep saying “candy” though – too me it implies a wild-eyed mania that “lollies” doesn’t).

  2. In the 19th century oysters were plentiful and cheap and were used to bulk out dishes such as pies soups and stews. …Natives tend to be better quality than pacific or rock oysters though they are slightly more expensive.

    1. offshore company: wordpress thinks you’re spam (and it sure looks that way) but you said something interesting and relevant, so here you are.

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